Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Monday, August 23, 2010

Photos of Butterflies in Love! by: brendasue

Welcome to all the new friends joining our little mini Nature Class and photography ideas. I hope to encourage you to get outside with your camera and take some nature photos!  What is in Your Garden???   I have a couple of surprises for you tonight, so come on in and kick back for a minute on a Nature Break!

For my friends who can not go outside for whatever reasons, I am bringing the outside in to you!  Sharing the joys in my Garden while creating a garden photojournal for my kids and grandkids to know what everything is in the yard. If I can do this, you can do this.
Together we can make a difference on this Planet!

Two Spot has returned to his favorite branch                     by:  brendasue

Look at this precious hummingbird.  This is Two Spot. He has claimed his branch as if he has never been gone. Fact is he left Kates Cabin last November headed for Mexico where he spent the winter. I do not know where he goes for the spring and first part of summer.  Some go as far as Canada.

But this week, Two Spot came home to Texas and his Kates Cabin. He will stay with us now until November.  This little tiny bird has been on a big trip flying all over!  For now, he will rest, eat and play.
I will watch. I know now the joy my Mom felt when her birds returned every year.  I know, it is stupid to get attached to wild birds. They just have a way of capturing ones heart!

Inside the Porch looking at Hummingbird Wall              by:  brendasue

Okay-You have to look closely to see this:  See the one red feeder hanging in center of pic?  Under that feeder outside the top open window is a black spot sitting on a little twig just above the wooden 'sill'.   Well, that is Two Spot on his branch! He is guarding 'his' feeder.

The Return of Elvis             by:  brendasue

Elvis made it back to 'his' cage on the porch!

Hi Everybody, I am Elvis, the Star of Kates Cabin Hummingbirds!     by:  brendasue

Let The Class Begin!

(Thanks, Elvis)

Our photostudy today is on Butterflies in the Garden

I hope you are viewing these photos and asking yourself what it is you are seeing. That is what I said when I saw the butterfly. It was about twilight yesterday and I was mowing on the little tractor. I saw a large butterfly resting in the bushes. Then I saw something else in front of it  like a leaf or something. I am a blind old bat.  Anyway, I ran into tree cause I was looking at the strange butterfly. So I got off the mower to go have a closer look.

The first photos I took (without flash) were just too dark to reveal anything but an outline. These photos displayed are with flash.
Still for me the old dingbat, I still was not sure what I was seeing!
Is that 2 butterflies?

What are they doing?  They seem to be stuck together.

Oh, Duh........They are mating!

Well, I did not know as I have never seen butterflies mating before.

As I was able to get shots from different angles, we all now can see what is occurring with the butterflies in love!  Who Knew????

One of them is hanging upside down. (for along time).

These are swallowtail butterflies, but I am not sure which one.

The Black one is much larger than the brown one.

This concludes our photostudy in the garden with butterflies in love!
I hope you have learned something of this behavior by viewing the photos.

I learned 2 things:
What Butterflies in Love look like
and (2) do not be looking at them while driving a mower near a tree.

...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.  Night All-


My Summer Hummer Book           by:  brendasue

Click on this Link below to see the preview of my book. (You can see Elvis and Two Spot):


*Note to photography students:  check out this book site. Try to make a book for yourself. It is fun and great Christmas Presents. b


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