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by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do You Think Someone Could Order Exotic Flower Seeds From Heaven? by: brendasue


Good Morning Everyone. Come in and take a short Nature Break.  I have a surprise for you today!

Having coffee on the front Porch of Kates, watching the little hummingbirds coming in for breakfast!  The front porch is larger than the little cabin! We are looking at hummingbird wall. They love going in and out of all the openings I created. They like flying through the porch under the fiberglass roof! They have learned to stay on the porch when it is raining and not get wet.

Looking out on the day!

Having a long drink!

A great day in the neighborhood!

Let the Class Begin!

If you saw yesterday's post, then you saw I dedicated it to my Mom's Birthday with the photostudy about all she loved in Nature.
I opened with the Blue Morning Glories I shot a couple of days ago.
There is no way anyone knew what I was going to post yesterday as I am here with the computers and dogs only-no people. Nobody sees what I do or really cares what I do, for that matter!  But those of you who have been reading along know that weird things just come my way. So I will relate what occurred yesterday and you can decide if it is weird or not:
In the afternoon, I received an email on my gmail address I use for the site here on Blogger.  It was from a new fan who had just seen my site by 'accident' she said. She complimented my photos and provided me with the real names of the flowers I had posted, which were Morning Glories. It was an older post she read and commented on. (I will put link at bottom).  Anyway, I had mentioned the situation that Mom loved the Morning Glories (and Dad hated them and pulled them up when she wasn't looking).
I wrote back to EmmaGrace thanking her for the compliments and telling her it was odd to me that the post she referred to had come up yesterday on Mom's B-day as Mom loved the Morning Glories soooo much. Emma sent me back a mail with a link to her site: A Morning Glory Site of the most beautiful Morning Glorys in the World that I have ever seen!!  I told her Mom would have been in Heaven over these gorgeous flowers. (Then I remembered Mom Is in Heaven already).  Emma wrote that she was going to send me some seeds of some of these beauties for Mom's Memory Garden.
I asked Emma for permission to show her flowers to all of You and give you the Link to Her Site (putting it at bottom).

Here are some of EmmaGrace's flowers from her Page:

(All photos taken by EmmaGrace)  All flowers pollinated by and grown by:  EmmaGrace  in Texas.

Are those incredible???  You must visit her site link (below) and see all the rest of these and read about them.  Thank You, EmmaGrace for sharing your great photos with our class and for the seeds you are sending for Mom.

EmmaGrace's site:


My original Post she commented on:

HI Brenda,
I just came across your website by accident
and your photography is incredible. Very Pretty!
Wanted to let you know that your Blue Morning Glory is
Ipomoea indica
and your Pink is
Ipomoea cordatotriloba
Great work!

Isn't that a great story!

Now the weird part:  My Mom has been off the planet for five+ years. Yet on her birthday this year, somehow the seeds of the most exotic Morning Glories (Mom's favorite flower) are being sent here for her Memory Garden.
I would not be surprised that my Mom somehow did this.
In fact, I believe she did!

Something Cool -   Winning Photo by Sharon Murry  of  Marthas Bloomers Photography Club

...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.


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