Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photographing A Cockscomb! by: brendasue

What is a Cockscomb?  Hi Everybody:  Come on in and find out!
(Nothing to buy).  Just take a Nature Break!

What is this Little Bee Thinking??         By:  brendasue

What is this little Hummingbird Thinking??     by:  brendasue

Do you think the bee and the bird think?        And what is Instinct?

Does a Rose Think??      by:  brendasue

A Rose is a living thing on this planet just like We Are.

A Rose does not have eyes to see. It has no ears to hear with. It has no mouth, so no talking or tasting. It can not reach out and touch us.
So, how do we know a rose is alive?

Brewster the Rooster                by:  brendasue

Let The Class Begin!

Today in our photostudy, we will look at a cockscomb. On the above Rooster is a red looking 'comb'. That is a cockscomb.
The comb is a fleshy growth or caruncle on the top of the head.
The combs are usually larger on males than females (a male gallinaceous bird is referred to as a cock or rooster).

And for our younger viewers, What does a Rooster say?

(everybody)     Cock A Doodle Doo
(now who put that group of words together? They do not sound like cock a doodle doo to me.) (whatever)!

On these beautiful white roosters, we can easily see the bright red comb on top of the head.  The red things hanging down from his beak are referred to as wattles.

What Wattles You have!     by:  brendasue

La Finiziera is a famous 200 year old cooking tradition in the piedmont region of Northern Italy. The comb is of special use in this stew like dish that also uses the wattles and testicles.  It is said to have a delicate frog leg like 'taste'.

Doodle doo, the gang's all here!   by:  brendasue

Thanks to the Roosters for showing their cockscombs and wattles!
(Personally, I do not want to eat them. That would be all I need--a combing after my forking!)

Brand new baby chicken     by:  brendasue

I thank my dear friend, Elaine, for sharing her birds with us. This little guy just hatched out of his egg this morning (Aug 18) before we went shopping. When we got back, he was all dry and fluffed out! The white rooster is his daddy, so as this little one grows, he will soon get his white feathers. Later on he will grow his own comb and wattles.

Sunset on Rainbow Creek in Winter Days               by:  brendasue

Thanks for coming by.  Hope you are having a pretty good day.

Gazing into Rainbow Creek (The pot of gold)      by:  brendasue

Do you believe in magic?     by:  brendasue

Try to find you a place by water that you can visit often to just sit and look and think. It will renew You.  And, Take Your Camera!

Shine On!                         by:  brendasue


...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek. Goodnight!

+  there is a flower called cockscomb also. That will be a different phototudy.    bye 

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