Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello! My Computer has been hijacked

Hello Everybody:

This will be a temporary post to let you know I have computer problems that will not be fixed until monday. All my desktop and pictures are gone somewhere, so I will take it in tomorrow to see where everything went. (And hopefully get it back. The spring bloom is here and I have some nice photos  for our class.)
I can't get in my mail yet either. So, Sorry, be back when I get my photos back.


Friday, March 26, 2010

AN AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHY ADVENTURE At Kates Cabin On Rainbow Creek, A Bird Sanctuary in Texas

Welcome to a Nature Class for Photographers

We are enjoying a fantastic Spring Bloom this year. Here come the Dogwood Trees this week!

I hope to get some good photos to share with you.  Let us go up to the Rooftop.

Her comes Kay Lonnie making her way up the 'stairway to Heaven'.


Hi Girl, would you give the signal to open the class?

Wait,  What do you see now?

Look Everybody, who has come to Class today.

It is Rambo, our Red Shouldered Hawk!

Let the Class Begin!  Oh my, this is superbuzz giving the signal while Kay Lonnie was still looking at Rambo!  Thanks super!

Today is Rambo's Birthday! He was born here (hatched) in a nest high in a tree at Kates Cabin One Year Ago today. I have had the honor to watch him grow up and learn to fly.

I just found out last week while Rambo was mating, that he is a girl!

I thought about changing her name to Rambolina, but I think we will just keep it Rambo!

Rambo has selected the Pine Tree across from the rooftop deck, to build her nest.

They should be hatching out soon. We will have a great view of the babies, if all goes well.

Our Photostudy today will be on the fruit trees on the property in full bloom

This is called a Crab Apple Tree

Here is another shot of the buds.

This is my personal favorite:  The Purple Leaf Plum Tree

This is what it looks like today, flowers gone and purple leaves out! This concludes our Photostudy.

Goodnight Rambo and Goodnight Kate

Goonight Everyone, Everywhere!

..........brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.  Ciao

Thursday, March 25, 2010



Let The Class Begin, declares Rambo of Rainbow Creek. This red shouldered Hawk was born here last year and Now has a new nest and is sitting on eggs!

Let us start our Photostudy for today.  As you see above, this is just a peach colored flower growing on a stick in the garden.

This is a somewhat rare flower. It is named: Double Peach Flowering Quince.

The normal flowering quince growing in the area is red. I also have a white. Both of those are single blooms.

This is the first year it has bloomed in the three years I have had the shrub.

I have taken quite a few photos from different views. I will be sending these off to Discover Life for documentation.

To me, this is exquisite. I doubt there is even one photo in the science books of this flower.

There will be plenty of photos for the students now!

I have put more photos here than necessary, but I just could not choose who to leave out.

Can you pick out a favorite?

Each one seemed to be lovelier than the preceding one.

This plant's pollinated flowers will make the little fruit called quince.  I make jelly with them for fresh bread.

So now from the deep woods of Texas, this rare little flower has been shared with the whole world.

To this old Lady it is amazing that I shot this yesterday in my garden, moved the image to my computer to Google Blogger and my photographer friend, Costas in Greece, will see it in the morning with his coffee. So will you!.  Also, my grandchildren can see it forever. I want to encourage all of you to get a site and share your Nature.

There was something special happening while I was shooting this one.

Notice how the sunlight has been dancing.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. I hope you get ideas for when you shoot your flowers.

And realize it takes really great cameras and equipment to get the National Geographic Quality Photos.

What I am displaying in this blog is that even a Grandma can get some pretty nice pictures of a rare flower with a point and shoot camera on automatic. I follow the natural light. (no flash).

So if I can do this, so can you. I encourage you to get a camera and Go Outside! Photodocument your World or your Garden Journal.  Just the act of walking around with a camera and starting to shoot flowers will connect you to something much bigger than yourself.

There is a great world out here we all need  to know.

We should learn about other living things sharing the planet with us.

I want to have flowers and birds around me.

I want to see the sunrise and sunset everyday; to enjoy what has been placed before all of us on Earth.

For many years I saw nothing but a mirror or T. V.
 I do not have either one anymore.

I have a rare opportunity now to catch a moment in time, a rare flower, a glint of sunshine. (And the jelly)

If you can not get out to see the world,  then come have tea with me and I will bring a little of the sunshine in my world to you. (And toast & quince jelly)!

Sorry if I got a little carried away bringing you flowers today. (it happens)

Could you pick just one?

You can have them all. Share with everybody in the world.

I dedicate this peach flowering quince to a little girl named Peach Brandywine by her Pa Pa.

She grew up to be a fine rare flower, too.

And brings to me a fine flower named Kate. (love you)

This concludes our Photostudy of the Double Peach Flowering Quince. (And how love is passed down through the generations).

Goodnight Rambo, PeachBrandywine and Kate!

Goodnight Everyone, Everywhere!

........brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek