Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Thursday, March 11, 2010



Just letting you Nature Nut Shutterbugs know that this has the possibility of being a spectacular event with a great view of the nest.
 Last year I photographed this same bird beginning the 5th day after he was born and was just a white ball of fuzz. I shot everyday for 40 days until he flew away from the nest!  I guess that time I spent sitting out with him and watching him grow imprinted on him as he has come back and is building this new nest directly across my chair on the rooftopdeck.  I am the only person who can see the nest from the ground. I have brought the tripods and cameras back out and he is a very happy bird! I have seen them mate in mid air 4 times (never on camera). So around here, the sunset group consists of 3 dogs laid out on the roof. 1 worn out grandma laid out in the lounge chair. Two Cameras. Two Squirrels and Two Red Shouldered Hawks!

So if there are any Hawk Photographers with the real cameras or news media with video, have a look at the tree, the sunset, how close it is to roof  (across the roof). It is a very private sleepy community here. If you are interested in shooting these birds (with a camera), contact me at katescabin@gmail.com
I have KatesCabin available on site or there are some hotels around. We are about 50 miles NW of Houston, Texas out 290 toward Brenham and Austin.

Here are the lovebirds in the tree next to the pine nesting tree. As you can see, I am a real Grandma, but with a toy camera (point and; shoot)!

This is RamboHawk and MomaHawk of Rainbow Creek in the fog.

Okay Class, Sorry just had to give the Press Release out about Rambo. I will put some photos on the Houston Chronicle Garden Club Photo Gallery as they saw the baby pics of this guy!  Anyway, Welcome to our World Class of Nature Studies and Photography Ideas. We do a mini photostudy page of some of the living things around Rainbow Creek. I am brendasue. Let's go check it out today.

Our Photostudy today is of this dead looking stick popping out with beautiful blooms of Spring. This is the Red Baron Peach Tree.

His color is an intense deep pink compared to most peach trees which have lighter pink flowers.

Enjoy the tour!

These last 2 photos are of a regular peach blossom.

And this is Buzzbee, with saddlebags full of pollen, he is ready to go home for the day.

So this is Rambo's pine tree and the sunsets behind it.  His nest is about 4 branches above the sun in the first clump of needles to the right of center trunk.    Goodnight Rambo!

Goodbye King

On a sad note for me, my King Buzz left yesterday with his buds. He circled around a couple of times coming pretty close to Earth, and then he was gone. As I know the rhythm of the NATURE of Rainbow Creek, I knew this day would come when the fruit trees started popping out.
So to all of you who think buzzards are disgusting, ugly birds.....I hope my photos and conversations about them have helped to open your eyes. To me there is nothing disgusting or ugly in Nature. Please keep going out and looking at things that appear 'strange' to humans. Educate yourself and throw out prejudices about how something looks or 'should look'. All I can tell you is that when you finally 'get it' about how precious all life on Earth is, you will feel it in your heart and soul and you will become one with the world you live in. Even beasts will become beautiful.
I hope to see King Buzz next November as I have for the past 5 years. However, if  I leave the planet before we meet again, I can truly say: No Regrets for I have Danced with King Buzz, Soared with little Rambo, and became part of a renegade band of 200 or so hummingbirds. My Mom's greatest last gift to me was to make me promise to take care of 'her' birds. Though I have been looking at things for almost 60 years, it is just in the last 5 years that I really see. I hope my daughter will take care of 'my' birds and one day have a dance with King Buzz.

Now it is Rambos time in the spotlight, then the hummers. It is going to be a great year. Glad you all have joined me.

Goodnight Kate!

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  1. Beautiful proud birds.. and beautiful pics you have taken of them..