Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Monday, March 8, 2010



Welcome Class To The First Day Of The Rest Of Our Life.
Bird is the Word around Kates Cabin. I guess they are telling their friends that some crazy old Lady is putting out free food and everyone is invited because so many new birds are coming. For a very small private Bird Sanctuary it would seem unnecessary to hire an Air Traffic Controller, yet that is a possibility if these birds keep coming in.

Spring is in the Air and buds are popping out everywhere. Ten points to the one that can Name That Bud.

Well here is Kay Lonnie Wray (aka Miss America) waiting to open our Class. Looks like she might have a little spring fever going on as she is not too excited about the class today.  Kay, would you give the signal please.

Get On With It.
  Kay Lonnie, What kind of signal is a half yawn get on with it?
I could find more Enthusiasm in a Silly Goose, what is wrong with you? "Just go get a stupid Goose."
Where am I going to get a silly Goose?

Let the Class Begin!   Well, thank you, silly goose, you flew in just in time!

Now That is How you start a Class.

Whatever, stupid Goose, where did you come from? Mars?

Moving on to our Photostudy for today, we find that Spring is in the Air and the Tree.
 Here is Little Rambo (a Red Shouldered Hawk), who has been making his nest up here in this Pine Tree to try to win the affection of a new girl he brought home to Rainbow Creek a couple of weeks ago. It is larger than it was 2 days ago.

Now he has robbed all the squirrel nests of building materials as he is to lazy to get his own.
So the squirrels are busy either remodeling or moving on out. Rambo is longing for his girl.

I haven't seen the other one today. I am not sure if Rambo is a boy, but if he is, then it is He who built the nest. She came in and looked at it and sat down for awhile, but apparently she has not laid eggs yet as they both are still flying away.

He is looking through me!  See his red shoulder?

What a Fine Bird Little Rambo is. His nest still looks a little holy on the left.

Wow, he is Looking and Looking for that girlfriend

Come Out, Come Out, wherever You are.

Where did my Love Go?

Look Class, There she is!  Just flew into the nest with Rambo.

She appears to be giving him a little kiss! Yes, I would say these are Lovebirds.
This concludes our photostudy of Rambo's Nest.

Goodnight to Rambo & his new Girl.  Goodnight King and Goodnight Kate.

Goodnight to Everyone in the Whole Wide World.

.........this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.   Peace Be With You.


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