Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Thursday, March 4, 2010



This is KATES CABIN NATURE STUDIO ON RAINBOW CREEK.   We are in the Woods of Northern Waller County, Texas, USA, Earth. This a small one acre private bird sanctuary and camp cabin retreat that was established to honor my Mother's Request:  To take care of 'her' birds if she left the planet first. We are hidden away in a small rural community about an hour out of Houston, College Station or Brenham actually in the middle of the rolling hill woods on Rainbow Creek that feeds into Bonnie Lake of the Waller Gladdish Natural Creek System which supports the wildlife in the woods. We are surrounded by large ranches that raise cattle, horses or watermelons and hay. It is beautiful country in the Post Oak Savannah of South Texas.
This project has been two long years in the building phase and is finally in the process of spring cleanup for the opening on April 1, 2010. (For reservations and more information contact:  katescabin@gmail.com)

We are finally ready for guests (with overnighters limited to 2 people), day trips available for small groups. We will also be featuring classes of continuing education in photography, (by Doug Box), gardening for the Birds, (by brendasue) herbal garden delights (by: Rebecca)  and cooking in Kates Kitchen (by Elaine).
We are all gardeners here! In addition, we all cook. So mostly around here we eat and watch birds eat!

Coming in April:
Club Kate:  Online Photography Club
Kates Kitchen:  Online Garden Pantry

Today is always the first day of spring for me as it is my Daughter's Birthday.  We are starting here at Kates Cabin today to show you I already have my first guest!  Above the left side of the roof you will see a pine tree. Well, somebody is up there!

There it is on the left branch of the tree. Something.

Well it is King Buzz, a Texas Turkey Vulture who stays here with me in the winter. This bird has fallen in love with me, Grandma Poppy (aka brendasue).

And I have fallen in Love with Him!  (Told you I had alot of friends that are buzzards)

Good Morning King.
I spent yesterday raking leaves and moving mulch to the beds. I have found in my wiser year of 59, that the mind can still do all the things it did when it was younger, while the body does not. So when King flew in, I sure didn't mind having a sweet tea and chatting with him for awhile.
(You are probably thinking, my she has really 'gone to the birds' and I guess I really have!)
Well, we better get up to class where ( her royal highness,)  Kay Lonnie is waiting to lead us up to the roof.

And there is Kay Lonnie now. Yes dear, We are making our way up (!)

Here is the little King and Sissy (bored to tears at this nonsense).

And Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, with the Great Fanfare of a Pope stepping out on a balcony in Italy, Kay Lonnie Wray (aka Miss America) steps on to her balcony to give the Signal to open our class!

Let the Class Begin!
Casper, what are you doing stealing Kay Lonnie's Spotlight?
What? A Hawk Hazard is Happening right now to your house?

I see you are praying and giving thanks that your life has been spared (this time).
What do you mean a Hawk Hit your House?

Well Casper, I see what you are saying. There appears to be a big hole in your nest which is not a good sign. You can see the sky! A Hawk took part of your nest away? Let me see what I can find out.

Do you see that Pine Tree (the only one with leaves (needles)?  It is right across rainbow creek and here in sight from our Rooftop Deck. That is where I saw little Rambo and new mate last week. I wonder if they have selected that tree for their home?

Look, it is Rambo doing something in the tree!

What are you doing, Rambo?

Here he is now. He just landed in the tree above my head. We will see what he is up to!

Rambo, what are you doing on top of the other squirrel's nest?

I see by what is in your mouth, that you are taking the building materials for your place.

And flying back to the Pine Tree!  I guess our photostudy today will be on little Rambo building a nest.

Well, Rambo, I would say you have a room with a view! And I thank you for building the nest where the class now has a view also.

Rambo appears to be sitting on something and just looking around.

This is much closer than the birth tree of last year

And very unusual for them to create the nest where humans can see.

I guess this is the end!

From Kay Lonnie's balcony, we are looking out. To the left of Kates Tower Roof is the Pine Tree.

So this is what Rambo sees as he goes to sleep.

Goodnight Little Rambo and the eggs in the nest!

Goodnight King and Goodnight Kate

Goodnight Brandi and the new baby still inside!
And Happy Birthday, today, to my spring Baby Girl (even if she is all grown up and MOM to Kate!)

And Goodnight Everyone, Everywhere!

.............this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.  Come camp at the Cabin soon.

P O BOX 743, Hempstead, Texas 77445

or phone:  katescabin-832-361-0517 (leave message, doesn't ring in woods!)

Make your reservations soon!

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