Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hummingbirds Are Slowly Arriving At Kates Cabin by: brendasue

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The Front Porch of Kates Cabin On Rainbow Creek       by:  brendasue

Come on In. This is the hummingbird wall I built for the little guests.
(If you are on Blogger site, the above photo is the front side of this wall.) If you are in email, there is no above photo!

As you can see, the sides are open on either end. Right now there is just one feeder hanging, but next week I should have to put more out. The top windows on the wall are open air. The windows under are lattice covered open air.  The hummingbirds fly all through the porch and in and out of the lattice windows! Yes I have a glass ceiling(!)-fiberglass, clear black like sunglasses to see the birds flying over the roof!

Bird Observation Deck             by:  brendasue

The Little King              by:  brendasue

Little King wanted to open the Class, but he fell asleep waiting on everybody to get here.

Kay Lonnie Wray      by:  brendasue

Kay Lonnie wanted to Open the Class, but she can not take her eyes off of the squirrel right now.

The Squirrel          by:  brendasue

The Squirrel wanted to Open the Class, but he is frozen in fear because Kay Lonnie, the redbone hound, is watching him.

Cousin Harry and Cousin Marian         by:  brendasue

It is a good thing my cousins came over to Kates Cabin from Houston.

Look, says Cousin Marian,   There is a hummer!

Let The Class Begin!

The first guest has arrived                by:  brendasue

Happy Day at Kates Cabin for all of us who are watching the skies!

The Little Jewel my Mom loved so much                by:  brendasue

* Photography Tip:  The 'gold' color you see is due to flash. In outdoor lighting they are green. These guys are difficult to photograph as they move so fast and fly in uneven flight paths. I personally like seeing them on feeders and catching the social behavior. Some of your professional Photography Teachers could judge this not a good photo because the feeder is in the photo. You have to remember to develop your style into your own liking.  I am a casual photographer with a lightweight point and shoot camera. More serious seasoned photographers only use serious equipment and skill, but they get the greatest photos. If you are not entering competitions, then there are No Rules. You do what you want to do in developing your photography. There will always be those that like it, those that do not like it, and those who don't care. You just start where you are and with experience and instruction from time to time, you will get better.

We have entered a phase with social media sites Facebook, etc. to actually be able to write our social history as it is happening. This has never happened before in the world. Always the news media, the authors, the politicians and the entertainment industry that wrote our history records to this point. Now we all have a voice. We can write our part. We can photodocument our part. Or we can video our part. Every person can contribute. Right now there is alot of:  Okay, like, I am going out to dinner. Cya.
But once people begin to realize they have a platform to share things learned in life, to learn things about life and to connect to a world with no borders to all people, what we write for our history will evolve. As I write mostly for children about nature, I use more photos so they can see what a hummingbird looks like (etc.).

I encourage to pick up your camera and go out and look for the shot you want to put down in history. It can be anything in any amount.

(Okay, back to the photostudy of summer birds and summer flowers in our gardens now.)

We have two!        by:  brendasue

Two by two, they are coming in!

They are flying around the cabin            by:  brendasue

They seem to be doing a fly by to say Hi.

"I am a pink-legged hummingbird"          by:  brendasue

Hey!   What's going on?    People:  Do Not Listen To The Duck.
He is a Liar.  Not a Hummingbird---He is just a Quackpot.

The real thing             by:  brendasue

The end       by:  brendasue

This concludes the hummingbird portion of our photostudy. I am going to post a few more of the garden flowers that like the heat. I will not name them today, to give you a chance to try to identify them! It is a good thing to know about your flowers, trees and edible plants. Learn all you can about what grows in your area! Connect with the Earth-Dig in it.

Flowers at Kates Cabin   August                   by:  brendasue

Flowers at Kates Cabin    August            by:  brendasue

Flowers at Kates Cabin   August         by:  brendasue

Flowers at Kates Cabin                 by:  brendasue

If you knew all of them, Congrats!  If you knew one of them, you are ahead of most. (I'll post the answers later).

So We have completed the photostudy.  A couple of parting shots and we are out of here.  Thanks for coming by.

Keep your Cage doors Open     by:  brendasue

Fly Free           by:  brendasue

Somewhere Over the Rainbow            by:  brendasue

.....this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.

for more information about the rental cabin (Kates) or our birds, contact me at:


The Memory Garden at Kates Cabin               by:  brendasue



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