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by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Photos: The Killer Strikes But Does Not Prevail! by: brendasue

Saturday Night Special:  
Return of the Killer Wasp

Last Night we saw the Cicada Killer Wasp with a Cicada trying to get it Home.  The last frame of the photostudy showed the pair had made it to the top of the tree.  From there, the Killer made it over the roof with the Cicada to the backyard deck.

Tonight we begin our photostudy with the Killer attempting to get her prey down to the hole.  All over the yard and creek are these tunnels made by these Killer Bees. Usually they fly their prey straight to the hole and in.  Our Star Bee tonight had a bright idea:
She made her hole and tunnel under the deck out back.  As she began the hunt, one by one should would fly the cicada over the roof, put it between the boards of the  deck and down they both will go.

As we saw yesterday, this cicada was so fat that the bee had a hard time getting it up and over the roof!  Well, guess what happen when she got it to her front door?????

Red Knock Out Roses at Kates Cabin                       by:  brendasue

This Bud is for You!

Come On In                 by:  brendasue

Hi Everybody!  This is the front deck to my Cabin (next door to Kates).  This is where we left off last Night with the Bee trying to get the fat cicada up and over the roof!  We did witness liftoff.
I went through the Cabin to the back deck and recorded the 'Landing'.  This is the photostudy for tonight:

Hey Baby:  How About A Kiss?              by:  brendasue

Let The Class Begin:

To Market, To Market, To Buy A Fat Pig                                 by:  bremdasue
Home Again, Home Again Jiggetty Jig.

Under the Rocking Chair                                 by:  brendasue

(Take the Long Way Home)

In you go, sucker                  by:  brendasue

I said:  Get in this hole you fat butt                               by:  brendasue

You are Too Fat To Go In Cicada!                          by:  brendasue

Come On,  You have to move to a wider hole!              by:  brendasue

All Right--Get Down                             by:  brendasue

Trying this Angle                    by:  brendasue

Not Believing This!                      by:  brendasue

Now I am going to Stuff You In Here                      by:  brendasue

Let's take this opportunity to look at the belly area of the Cicada.
The sting from the Female Killer Wasp to the Cicada has subdued it, but not killed it.  Now she will lay her eggs on the body of the cicada before placing it in the hole leading to the underground tunnel. The cicada will remain alive in suspended state in the tunnel for ten days or so until the eggs hatch out. The baby killers will eat the body of the cicada, and when finished will hibernate underground in larval state until next July, when they will come out and begin there own hunt.

Unbelievable--How Unfair is Life?                       by:  brendasue

I am getting tired of messing with you, Cicada             by:  brendasue

Take That--I will sting you into the hole!                  by:  brendasue

This was not suppose to be difficult!                  by:  brendasue

Okay, get over here!                         by:  brendasue

Come On Now---In You Go, Fatso                 by:  brendasue

I am pushing as hard as I can!                by:  brendasue

This is making me Crazy                         by:  brendasue

Dragging Miss Daisy                          by:  brendasue

Looking at me as though I somehow caused the problem!      by:  brendasue

In the End, The Cicada still would not fit!                by:  brendasue

This concludes our photostudy  on the the Cicada Killer Wasp trying to get the Cicada into the hole.  I encourage you to discover more about the Cicada at this link:


This is a great site!  Just click on link.  (Some of my links and previous posts are invisible on my Google site.)  Run your arrow over the black spots and they light up! (I luv Google!)

For Those who missed the Moonrise tonight, here it is!  (8-21-10)          by:  brendasue

Goodnight Moon and Goodnight to You All

(Be careful out there with the full moon approaching--you might feel like Howling At The Moon!)

The End                                by:  Kay Lonnie Wray

......this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek

Thanks for clicking in.           katescabin@gmail.com


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