Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yet Another Battle at Rainbow Creek. Come and See. by: brendasue

Good Evening Class.  Welcome to Rainbow Creek

Look Everybody,   It is Punker to open our class today.

Let The Class Begin!     Thanks, Punker.
Who is that with you?

I see.  It is your new baby girl,  Welcome.

Punker has just brought her to the gate feeding station today to learn how to eat seed.
The last time you saw this babe, she was in the nest in an egg!
Welcome to all of the Cardinal families that live at Rainbow Creek Bird Sanctuary.
(Punker was the baby last year).

As I was coming down the stairway to Heaven, I just happen to glance at this fence post and exclaim:  What is That?

It is a lizard shedding his skin.  Unlike Humans, Reptile skin does not stretch.
So when they grow larger, they simply pop out of the old skin into the new skin underneath. I have seen this several times, usually in the spring when they awake from their hibernation (long winter nap). It takes several hours for them to completely shed the old layer.

So our Photostudy today will be on the shedding lizard and who is that with him?

He is looking to see where that other guy went
Well Class, it appears it is our lucky day. There is a fierce territorial dispute going on over who is King of this fence post. Today I will bring you part one and tomorrow, I will reveal the winner in part two.

Warning:  As many things in Nature are violent, there are some graphic photos where you may notice bloody mouth.  That is their weapon of Choice.

As the Battle on Rainbow Creek begins, they puff up their bodies with air to appear big and mean.
They strut their stuff, showing off who is the mean green fighting machine.

A helmet appears on their head during this aggressive display.

I would assume the one shedding his skin would be at a disadvantage as he was preoccupied stretching out of his skin.
They show their teeth to each other.

And circle around each other eyeing each other.

You sure are ugly, said one.

It appears whoever gets to the top wins the post.

Excuse me,    this is my Post!

I dedicate this Battle to Naturedigital in Greece. He enjoys the battlefields of Nature!

Hi Costas! Thanks for all your nice comments. I enjoy seeing your beach in Greece.

Okay, back to the heated Battle.

I will claim this post for God and my Country.

What Country are you claiming, you ugly dumb lizard and you are green.

The mighty King!

Yes, He is a little ugly. (But loved by his Mom anyway).

I got the Lamp Post!

And I am going to get you as you are butt ugly.

Who do you think you are talking to, you wimp?

I will Eat You Alive!   (not really)

Is your Mother as ugly as you?

Hey!  It looks like you are loosing your skin!

And it looks like you are dead meat.

I claim the lamp post.

What happen to your ugly Mouth?

You Mother.... I am going to Kill you!

To be Continued..........Who do you think the winner is???

...........this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.

Goodnight All.


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