Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Because, Because, Because, Because, BECAUSE by: brendasue

Hi Everybody----Come on In
I have found the Gold at the end of the Rainbow
and captured it for You.

This Golden Beauty  is a day lily.  I assume someone named it that for the length of time the flower is open (which is one day) These lillies started out in china (as most of our flowering plants did/do.)
There is a green bud next to the flower that is the perfect size to be collected  and stir fried with other Chinese Veggies. Yum Yum
In the states, however, these plants are more prized for their flower open and very stunning planted in long rows as a border plant.

This is a close-up of the anthers and pistol waiting to be walked on by the bees and birds.

Within this Post tonight will be a  not so veiled secret message to my Cousin Harry as his wife does not look at a computer.
Excuse me, just a moment,
Cousin Harry:  Your wedding anniversary is this coming Sunday in case you forgot.  I am printing out some of her favorite Hummingbird prints for your present.  I will make her a card also.
 You are suppose to be coming to Kates Cabin and I am preparing a turkey dinner.  Can you bring the cranberry sauce?
More later, lets get back to the Class

Sorry to interrupt the class and I do not know the customs in every country, but here in the states the wedding and the following anniversaries are deemed important. So Cousin Harry is 83 years old.
You better not miss this one!

Let the Class Begin!  Thanks, superbuzz for opening the class today.
We can see you are enjoying a snack on that mimosa flower!
You Go, Superbuzz, Go!

(Hey, anybody want to place bets on whether or not SuperBuzz stops to smell the roses?)

Warning: Viewing the photostudy tonight could possibly make you sad. 
So if you do not want to see the photostudy tonight, just click off and come back another day.

To the rest of the class, I am not sure, but it appears one of Rambo's chicks is gone. I have not seen him all day. Like I said,  I am not for sure.

I have only seen this one standing by himself in the nest.

This is the second day he started looking at me and becoming aware that I am a crazy, wild woman (with 4 dogs) and that I am pointing something at him.

This is what I call their ugly phase as they lose the down and get new feathers. The hawks spend alot of time messing around with preening their feathers

So I guess her name will be Ima Hawk.

Now I can not see down in the nest, but she has not stood up all day.

Last year, the mom, Rambo, was born and had a twin. I will never know for sure, but I believe Rambo pushed her twin out of the nest as I saw them playing tug of war.
However, there are night birds of prey around here and big chicken snakes.
All I can report is the facts:  that for 2  years twins were hatched in both nests , but only one bird made it to the finish line.

I am sorry to be the one to tell you looks like the other twin is gone.
But these things happen in Nature. Everything that lives one day must die.
Humans attach emotional feeling to loss of life.
I do not know if other species grieve over their dead.
I have seen dogs grieve over losing their master, but who knows what they really think or feel?  No one.
Humans are the only species on Earth that bury or burn the dead body in ceremony.

We just have to look at it as today is a great day and we are looking at a fine bird.
Yesterday we were lucky to see two.

If we try to figure out what happened in the night, in the tree, in the nest, whatever, we will never know.
That is just how it is. Here today, possibly gone tomorrow. We all have to accept that is how it is; or go nuts!

Well this concludes our Photostudy for tonight.

(Second secret message for Cuz Harry:  Could you go over to lowes or home depot and get a bag of sunflower seeds and wild bird mix. We are running out.)

Now if anybody out there wants to send a donation to help us, it would be a blessing.

Please send check or money order to:
Brendasue Watson
P O Box 743

This Tiger lily has come back as it does every spring. My friend, Vicki, gave me these bulbs after my Mom Died. Today when this flower opened I said Hello Vicki, I remember you so you live on. I miss you.
Vicki died last fall after a long battle to live. But as you see her flower is here today and I am relating to all that she was a kind and loving soul and a dear friend.

As the sun comes down to our trees, I say let's go to sleep, please. Gentle rest and gentle breezes

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  1. Nice to see your beautiful photographs again Brendasue.
    They are all lovely.