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The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Flowers For Caroline:
Happy Birthday May 3, 2010

Today we are celebrating the arrival of Caroline Jayne to Planet Earth!
The sunrise was glorious as the little King and I ventured out to feed the birds.  We knew early in the morning she was coming today.
I went to this magic sunrise place (above) that I call "The Hole in the Wall". Of course I looked inside the 'hole' to see if God was still in there; and yes He was in There.
I offered prayers of Thanksgiving.

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,  Oh, What a Beautiful Day.

Let the Class Begin!

We are on the rooftop looking across at the nesting tree for our other new Mother, Rambo.
Her pine tree is tall tree in center of frame.
As you can see, there are no more bare trees. Spring has covered everybody with leaves.

There she is with one of the twins!
Hi Rambo.

Caroline ( and Rambo's twins) have been born with the spring bloom of the roses, jasmine and honeysuckle.
These roses are called: 'Seven Sisters' and they are everywhere at Kates Cabin.

Our photostudy will be on these Seven Sisters for Caroline.

These were my Mom's favorite climbing rose, so I planted them everywhere!

Funny, the things that Mom's pass on to their daughters like the love of flowers and birds.
Or like a mischievious look that comes across a face.

Somehow we girls learn how to become Moms without manuals.

My daughter Brandi is the best Mom I have ever seen and I am so proud of her for her beautiful Girls.

My Mom, Elisabeth, was a great Mom also. I still miss her so much after 6 years.

Now a little part of me and my Mom will go on in Brandi's babies. And so it is with all families on earth.
We are all connected. We are all Human. We all have a Mom that loves us.

A salute to all Moms for Mother's Day this Sunday!

Look what I found blooming in the dark woods the day Caroline was born.  This will be her special Birthday Flower. It is called an Amaryllis Picone.

It is bright white with red edging on the petals.

This flower stalk comes up out of a bulb. In Texas, they come back every year some in April, but this one comes out in May.

A perfect flower for Brandi's new flower-Caroline.

Here is a young bud just opening today.

I have dug up one of the bulbs to go to Brandi's flowerbed.


I hope you all will begin to give flower bulbs to new Moms and trees also. It is a lifetime gift to grow up with the child.  I have planted a white orchid tree for Caroline's birth tree.

And this fresh Amaryllis Picone

Congratulations Brandi and Welcome Caroline.

I can now say the best thing about being a Mom is getting to be a Grandmother!

This is a day lily.  The flower bloom opens for one day only. This is a prized black lily.

And it opened for Caroline's Day! We are Blessed.

Pretty Flowers for Caroline.

A red, red rose for true love.

As a double sunset (?) comes to Rainbow Creek,
Brandi has two little girls to put to sleep!

Goodnight new baby Caroline, and our big girl, Kate;

And to All of You before it is too Late,

Hug your Mom and tell her she is Great!

....this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek

Sweet Dreams to All and I am so happy to be back with You again!

Happy Mother's Day To All

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