Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Grandma Photographer On A Wild Rocket Ride! (Go Granny!) by: brendasue

The Second Shot Seen Around The World

Ground Control To Major Tom:

Don't Worry,  They Are Coming To Get You!

I Found You!

Brendasue to the Rescue (updated  2010 by Kay Lonnie Wray, aka:  Miss America, A Star is Born!)

Good Evening Class, Everybody come on in.
Kay Lonnie is ready to start this Class.
As you can see they are waiting for us on our Rooftop Deck which is our Window on the World  for Observation of the
Nature of Rainbow Creek.

Hi Kay Lonnie.  Hi Little King. Here we come up our Stairway to Heaven.

Let The Class Begin!  Thanks, Kay Lonnie

Kay Lonnie wants me to let you all know that she has friends in High Places.
Since our UFO sighting on Saturday, May 22, 2010 at Sunset Over The Woods of Rolling Hills Colony and
Kates Cabin On Rainbow Creek, A Bird Sanctuary;
Kay has learned many top secret things about our Rocket.

First of All,  We are not Crazy  (well maybe a little).      It seems there is, in fact,

A Rocket Flying Around the Google Earth and apparently it is Lost in Space as they cannot find it on the Google Maps ( or Apps).
This is some kind of Secret Mission Impossible and Nobody is Talking about this Due To a Big Screwup by Several People.

First of all, when they decided to have a Secret Rocket, of course they had to have a Secret Pilot  I could be wrong but I get the idea that whoever was in charge of hiring this Secret Pilot, Major Tom, somehow overlooked giving Major Tom a Drug Test. (Heads will roll on this one, I think his name was Mr. Bill. Anyway that doesn't matter.)
Supposedly, some other guy named Elvis I think, (probably the same one that tried to get Kay Lonnie removed from Google Blogger for being Stinky), was in charge of the Pilot and Passengers boarding the Secret Rocket and did not properly conduct a body search or luggage check on Major Tom.
It seems they have been able to determine that Major Tom took some Secret Space Drugs during the Secret Launch from the Sky on (or about April 22, 2010 (at night) of this Secret Rocket.

Major Tom got so loaded during the Rocket Ride to the Outer Limits that he punched the wrong button and the Secret Rocket went off the Secret Flight Plan. Since radar cannot detect it and all the secret stealth stuff has made it invisible, They have lost it and Major Tom. (Word is he is alive and still tripping on Electric Coolaide or something like that, doesn't matter).
But, he can't find his way home.

Well, Luckily for Major Tom, I was walking down a country road with my camera and found the rocket they lost.

I mean I am Just Outstanding In My Field
and I see an Unidentified Flying Object

(For this people think I Am Crazy?????)

Excuse Me, but did I loose a Secret Rocket and Major Tom?

I believe I found them.

(Believe me, Grandma Poppy has a whole new view on loosing my glasses and keys.)

Of course, Elvis has left the Building and can't be found.

Hang in there Major Tom, Kay Lonnie says.

Can you see us Major Tom??

Kay Lonnie and the Little King would like to Know what the reward is for finding a Lost Secret Rocket??

It just so happens we are trying to Raise Money and Attention to
Save Our Shore Birds of the Gulf Coast.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Can you hear me Major Tom?

Our Photostudy today will be inside the sunset with Major Tom

This is Ground Control to Major Tom

Can you hear me Major Tom?

Can you hear me?

Can you hear us Major Tom?

Major Tom?

This is Ground Control:  We can see You and They Are Coming to Get You!

Well Class, it seems we have lost our connection with Major Tom.
It appears he is definately zoned out in  Outer Space Somewhere.
This concludes our photostudy for today.

I did get you that Texas Sunset! (And a Rocket in my Pocket!)

And Here is an Alien in the Tree:  Ima Hawk, our Red Shouldered Hawk Chick.

Goodnight Everyone, Everywhere!

....this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek

Over and Out.

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