Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Sunday, January 17, 2010

January17, 2010 DiscoverLife At Kates Cabin On Rainbow Creek, A Bird Sanctuary In Waller County, Texas, USA, Earth

KATES CABIN Buzzing With Excitement. A Must See Presentation at the World Class Today!

Welcome to Everybody in the World:
I am brendasue and I am hosting this nature studies and photography tips class from Rainbow Creek in the Heart of Texas. We are holding class in the backyard garden as we have a special guest instructor assisting with today's class. As usual, we will have a little chat as we review the photostudy. I have created for you today a photostudy titled "My Dance With The Angels" So stop for a moment at this yellow flower and clear your head of other things! Take a Deep Breath.

Beauty Is In The Eye of the Beholder. Is there Beauty if there are no eyes to see it? Yes.
Does it Matter? No. Beauty only Matters to the Beholder that is Human. It unites us as People.
My Birds have no desire to look at my photos, neither do the dogs. But for you People who come to this class, I wish to strengthen our human bonds with each other as we explore other Living Things that share the Planet Earth with Us. Together we can make a difference on this Earth!

This is Samantha. She is a Bee. She has volunteered to give us a demonstration today on how to pollinate a flower. This is a very important job worldwide. The simple definition of pollination is:
pollen from flowers is transferred to other flowers by insects, especially bees. When the pollen from another flower comes in contact with the correct place within the flower, pollination occurs. The means the plant will form a seed sac and grow seeds for future generations of the plant. If there is no pollination, no seeds will form, meaning no future plants. Some seed sacs form into fruits and vegetables that we humans eat. If there were no insect pollinators, there would be know foods that come from any kind of plant. If plants do not reseed, they die out.

Samantha and her friends are called worker bees. They work all day long traveling from flower to flower putting pollen in their saddlebags to carry back to their hive at nite. They collect pollen dust over all their bodies as they walk around the inside of flowers. These worker bees are all female, but will never become Queen for even a day. Okay, Samantha, we will catch up with you in the garden!

As we step out the back door to the garden, we are also stepping back in time to October on a bright sunny day to view this Brugmansia Plant in full bloom under a bright blue sky. The common name for this plant is The Angel's Trumpet. I am in plant zone 9, where this tropical plant is very happy growing in the shade of the big trees. Like all tropical plants, it is sensitive to freezing conditions and was zapped by jack frost in December. It will return next spring.

We will chat about Photography as we are waiting for Samantha to show up. I encourage you to get a camera or start using your camera to start documenting the world around you.

Photography is an Art and as in all Art, there are no rules, no limits, no boundaries, no divisions.

Do not let anyone discourage you that you are not good enough, or you do not have the proper equipment or technique. The great thing about photography in this day is you have the opportunity to start where you are at and go forward as you want, when you want or if you want. You can determine if you want to learn more or not. I encourage you to take a walk out side with your camera and just start shooting!
There will always be someone who knows more than you and less than you in all matters. There are different schools of thought on how to do everything. Most of my Professional Photographer friends focus on the camera box, the accessory equipment, and mastering techniques. I am not a professional photographer. Mostly as my bios suggest, I am a grandma with a camera! I use a Canon Powershot SX10IS point and shoot for those who wanted to know. I wanted the lightweight unencumbered grab it and go tool. It enables me to dance around under these angel trumpet flowers and catch them blowing in the wind.

These photos were shot at high noon, which is also not reccomended. I wanted the strong sunlight coming in the dappled shade of the big trees beyond.

The yellow flower here is still tightly closed, just beginning to unravel. They turn white as they open.

Be sure to play with your zoom to get familiar with the possibilities.

Try shooting from all angles.

Start your own photostudy of living things around you.

Enjoy your time in the sun.

See all that you can see.

Be All that You Can Be. Speaking of bees, where is Samantha, she said she would be right along.

This is what she lis looking for: They very center of the flower. It smells very sweet and is sticky to the touch.

Hummingbird Moths also come to this sweet white flower.

They are just beautiful and so is this day.

It is my personal belief that a photograph is documentation of human emotion recorded in a moment of time.

If you are beginning to feel this beautiful day I recorded, then I have done my job as an artist.

Where I differ from cllassically trained photographers is my focus is the subject, the moment; not the box itself.

Also, I shoot nature that is here living with me as opposed to traveling to a specific location to shoot.
That gives me an advantage in knowing the birds, bees, etc in rainbow creek. They do not run from me.

Hope you are enjoying this dance with my angels and that you can feel the freedom in my movement.

These angels are quite a site to see.

Again, Samantha will be looking for these centers if she ever gets here!

So lets sit tight and see what we can learn from this bee.

Well, there she is! Samantha where have you been? It is difficult to see you on top of the flower point!

Here she is just getting ready to enter the flower.

She is going in the flower!

Samantha is in the center and here is another friend joining her for lunch!

The walls of the flower must be slippery as the bees keep slipping down.

Samantha found her center. Here she will drink the sweet nectar for energy to continue her flight.

They slipped out again!

She is trying to get back in the flower.

But she slips out again!

Now she is flying in!

Turn left, Samantha!

Target Dead Ahead.

She is almost there!

Go Samantha, Go!

She's got it. Right on Target.

Way to Go Samantha. With the pollen that has fallen off of her, this flower has been pollinated!

As we come back at sunset, We find that Samantha is still working very hard.

She is just at the bottom of the flower petal above.

Ah-she made it in there again! Look how the angel flower takes on a moonglow effect at sunset.

Samantha is on target again and another flower is pollinated!

She said she had time to do one more flower!

Way to go, Samantha!

Her saddlebags are full of pollen she has collected all day.

These 2 are enjoying Happy Hour at the Target Bar!

They walk around and around on the target leaving behind the pollen dust.

They go deep inside the flower.

Samantha must leave soon before complete darkness to navigate home for the night.

One More Slurp for the Road!

Samantha has made her way back to the hive with here load of pollen.

I leave you with these angels of the Night.

I am sorry this class was so long, but pollinating flowers is an important subject.

We will resume our shorter format tomorrow.

We had another great day here on Rainbow Creek.

Here is a glimpse of the whole Angel Trumpet Plant,

As we fade into Darkness,

I just want to say Thank You to all of you who have been coming to my World Class!

And Sweet Dreams to You........................

This is brendasue watson signing off from Kates Cabin on Rainbow Creek! I'll be seeing You!

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