Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010 Discover Life At Kates Cabin On Rainbow Creek, A Bird Sanctuary In Waller County, Texas, USA, Earth

Come on in to our World Nature Class & Photography Tips. We are studying the living things here with us on Rainbow Creek. As we become Aware of other Life, we become more Aware of our own Life.

We are using Kay Lonnie's Rooftop Deck as our observatory for looking around at things. She is headed up to the top now. Let's go on up and get started.

Well, here is Sissy! She has spotted something we will be shooting at the end of class. Go on up, Sissy, and take your place.

Of course the Little King is almost there. The Best Times are sitting on the roof and watching the birds. Thank you for joining us today.

Kay Lonnie says Welcome To All. She likes to give the signal for the class to begin.

All right Kay Lonnie, I will tell them. Class it seems she wants you to know that she is the "Star" of this book, not the stupid birds. She claims: Birddogs Rock!
Okay, now will you give the signal?

Good Girl!

Oh My, What a long Signal. (Everybody please add your own soundtrack, here.)

She says: "Now that is what I am talking about!" Let the class begin!

Our photostudy today is going to be on this tree pictured Above.

This is an American Red Mapple in full Spring Bloom.

The winter bare branches are stark white against the blue sky.

This Maple's flowers bloom first on bare branches. Leaves appear after bloom. This bloom happens so fast that if you blink, you miss it!

From a distance, the red flowers are a blur.

Pretty Color. They are so small they are hard to see.

Fortunately for us, we have our camera. Suddenly, what we can not see well from the ground we can now see in the camera.

We can zoom all over this tree as close as we want, to see how beautiful these spring flowers are.

We see they are small clusters of flowers at different stages of opening.

We can see what the bright sun looks like from that direction!

Look at this one. Here is your photo tip of the day: Some of you may be from the old film camera days. Back then, everytime you clicked the button, it cost money. It was necessary then to perfect technique and lighting to create minimum film prints.
Throw that idea out the window! Today it is free to take all you want. You must take that new camera out for a test drive. You must learn all levels of zoom and what happens at each one. Especially if you are photodocumenting your trees, birds, etc., you must get the best photos for identification. For example on my camera, the face detection software also detects on birds. Once you shoot one shot of that bird, the next shots get better on their own! You must learn the limits of your camera box. The only way you can do that is to take many photos of your subject from many directions. Then critically review your shots on a larger screen. Your trend will be to delete the ugly shots & keep the good ones. In time, you will know your camera and be able to predict a higher range of better shots.

Because I was twirling around under this lovely tree with the camera, we now all can SEE these beautiful red flowers on this Red Maple Tree!

Here are a couple of leaves to see.

BUY a Maple Tree and plant it!

I am standing in front of Kates Cabin trying to show you the tall pine trees behind the cabin.

Now I am outside the back fence behind Kates Cabin by Rainbow Creek. These are what the big pines look like from this angle.

Now I am back over on the Rooftop where I can see the Buzzards that have landed in the tops of those tall pines where they sleep everynight.

Sissy spotted them at the very top of the tall pine tree.

Yes, You are right.....it is King Buzz!

Sitting on top of the World!

He says Goodnight Everybody!

What a Sunset, What a Day!

Back over on Rainbow Creek, these are the bottoms of my tall pines.

Today's Class will conclude with the setting sun. Thanks for stopping by.

Goodnite King!

Goodnite Kate!

Goodnight to Everyone, Everywhere!

.................this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek!

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