Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010 Discover Life on Rainbow Creek by: brendasue

WELCOME To the last Day of January!
Time Marches On at Kates Cabin Out of Winter and Bound for Spring! Come on in and join our Nature Class where we are studying the Nature of Rainbow Creek. Welcome to Birders, Welcome to Gardeners, Welcome to Photographers and to Nature Lovers All Over the World. Come help me write my book for Kate!

Buzzbee just flew in with a special announcement: Bee all that you can Bee is the new site motto. He also wants to be the site mascot in place of Kay Lonnie, King Buzz or Little Rambo. He is demanding more time on the site. We will take a vote on the site mascot next month!

Also Coming attractions for next month: The Wars of the Sugar Port! (starring: buzzbee)

(And more guest appearances by buzzbee) Bees are a very important part of the lifecycle of Rainbow Creek. I must try to keep them happy as the busy season for them is about to begin. Soon they will be pollinating the spring flowers on the fruit trees! Happy bees mean lots of fruit, so I feed mine sugar water on winter days when they come out. They do not seem to fly if it is below 55 degrees (F.).
Okay, Let us return to our regularly scheduled classroom on the roof. See ya, buzzbee!

Kay Lonnie, Will you give the signal to begin our class?

Let the class begin! Good Girl, take your place.

Our Photostudy today will be on this little tree. Above is what his spindly top looks like. This is a tree Holly (as opposed to a shrub Holly). The name of this Tree is: Savannah Holly. Again we are in zone 9 (USA). This tree may not grow where you are. Check with your Garden Store and if it will thrive in your area, you must get one. (You can buy them small and they will grow).

Our Photostudy will focus on the red berries from a bird's eye view!

The Birds love these tasty treats! They do not eat them until spring. I suspect our winter freezes help start a fermentation process inside the berries that results in a sweet treat.

We will be looking at these photos to notice the growth pattern of the red berries.

This bush is under the tall pines where the buzzards live. So as I move the camera around under the tree, I record different patterns of shade and light.

The shrub hollies yeild berries more in clusters. This Savannah Holly shows berries growing up and down the length of the branches.

The leaves still have little points on them, but they are not as sharp as others.

The berry is a fruit. Any left by the birds will fall to the ground. The fleshy fruit will rot away exposing a seed for a new tree. Likewise, birds scatter the seed to places far from the tree.

These photos are all the same tree. I bought 2 ten dollar trees and planted them side by side in one hole. They are about 10 feet tall now. Planted right by the bridge to Grandma's Cabin.

The leaves of this Holly are more lime green in hue. The Buford or Mary Nell are a dark forest green.

I contribute photos to a Discover Life research Site. (You can google: brendasuewatson@att.net and you will see 6 pages of Discover Life Pages with my Photos).

So I had asked them what they wanted to see in species identification photos.

They wanted many photos from many points of view.

On trees (and plants) they wanted close ups of the leaf where it attaches to the branch. Underside and top side.

They want to see how any fruit is attached.

They want to see the color of leaves, branches and fruits.

They want to see the trunk and where the branches are attached.

They want to see spaces on the trunk between the branches.

They like closeups to look at detail.

So I try to keep all these things in mind when shooting identification photos.

I want to show it to those who cannot stand here and look at it.

I want the photos to reflect the beauty of the tree as I see it. As the birds see it.

I want you to feel like you are here under the shade of the larger trees looking at this pretty Holly Tree that lives here with me on Rainbow Creek.

The more we as humans learn about other species on earth, the more we find out about our selves. We all have to live together as there is no other choice.

I would like for all of you who do not live in the USA to know that we as individuals are not bad people. We are the same as you-Human.

We enjoy beauty.

We all know sorrow and pain.

We know love.

We know happiness.

I love my children with all of my heart.

I love my Grandchildren.

My Mom and Dad are Dead, but I still love them and miss them.

I am a good person because of the love I received from Mom & Dad.

I know what loneliness is. I know how sad it is to feel frightened and alone.

These feelings are Human Bonds we all have, we all share as being human.

It is these Bonds we as People of the Earth need to Strengthen. I invite you to come be my friend and Welcome You to Kates Cabin on Rainbow Creek. It is time we start a new trend as a family together on Earth.
This concludes our Photostudy of the Savannah Holly Tree & Humanity.

I put this photo in so you can see an example of how the camera thinks differently sometime than we do! As you see I thought I was on the red berries in the above shot. My autofocus thought I was on the big pine tree! An interesting effect!

Thank you for joining the class and for all the encouraging words I am receiving from you all.
We have one month of class complete now. Spring will be a wonderful time around here. Hope you will come back and that you will email me around the world! It is a hard job to reach everyone!

Well guess who just landed on top of a pine tree?

Yes it is our King Buzz settling in for the night! Look at his beautiful Feathers!
Goonite King.

And Goodnite Kate!

All right Kay Lonnie, you can say it. She says: "And Goodnight Everyone, Everywhere"

Come on Kay Lonnie, Let's go in to your warm bed. It is still cold here tonight.
...................brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek....We will sing in the Sunshine!

katescabin@gmail.com or snailmail: P O Box 743, Hempstead, Texas 77445

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