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The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wire In Tire and I Can't Find the Key or My Way Back Home! by: brendasue

Hello Everybody:

Please come in.

Let the Class Begin!

Hummingbird Wall (and the little King)

The Front Porch of Kates Cabin

The Front Door of Kates Cabin

Great Landing!

Hummingbird Wall at Kates Cabin On Rainbow Creek

  I just now got home. Been gone all day again. The tire I ordered on Monday came in today, so I went to the tire shop to have it put on the wheel. Well, who knew my tire has to have a key? We could find no key in the car for the tire, So the guy broke it off and now I have to buy a lug.
Although he was only changing the one tire, he tried to undo the other three locks and could not get them off. He did find a donut tire in my trunk, which I did not know was there in a secret compartment, but no key. He said he aired up my donut as it had no air in it. So I said you mean I have a spare tire in case I have a flat, but I will not be able to take the flat tire off. Yes.
Do you think anyone in Hempstead has one of those tire keys? No.
My son had told me to get an alignment as the tire out of line lost its tread. To my surprise, they did not do tire alignments at the tire shop. I asked the guy if I really needed to get it in line. He took me to the old tire and said see that? I did have to say: please give me an idea of what I should be seeing. He said: That wire in your tire.  I said how did the wire get in my tire? He said it was suppose to be there (you are just not suppose to see it). I told him I was really surprised to learn that tires had wires as I always thought they were made of rubber. (Who knew?)
Anyway if you ever look at your tire and see the wire, you know it is out of line.
So I called Fred over at the transmission shop and surprisingly, he does do alignments and he said come around 2:00 pm.
Meanwhile, I had dropped my blind friend off at the Chinese Restaurant and told him I was just dropping the car off and they would put the tire on while we had lunch. Who knew I was going to have to go on some search for a key for a tire?
I got over there about 20 minutes later (from next door) and had to hear the what happened, where have you been routine and explain the tire had a key (which he knew about even being blind). We were at the Chinese place (not the Japanese place), but still I did not use a fork---soup, eggrolls plus peel and eat grilled shrimp.
As I had been delayed by looking for that stupid tire key, we were now getting close to 2:00. The blind guy had wanted to go by the grocery store, but we were out of time so told him I would take him later.
(Remind me to tell you some of the adventures in the grocery stores with the blind guy!  He holds the world's record for taking out those tall stacked columns of canned goods! Had fun in the egg section once as you can imagine.
Now my friend can see just a little bit out of one eye only, very limited vision.  So of course, you would expect that he would run into people and things on occasion (and he does).  Once he accidentally touched some lady. She apparently got pretty upset  because she slapped him really hard across the face.  He (of course) did not see it coming, and it nearly knocked him to the floor. Stunned, he said to her: What did you do that for and she said: You groped me!  Well, more on this later.
Back to the real story-- We left the Chinese place at 2:10, dropped him off at his place and  I made it back to Fred's Transmission by 2:14. Filled him in on the tire key thing (he also knew about tire keys--am I the only one who did not know?)  Left him my keys and said I would be next door at the computer place for a couple of hours if he needed me.
So I walked over to the next buildings where the computer store is. Yes, we have One in Hempstead. I have to go there for private lessons sometimes when I do not understand something. Suffice it to say they (the twins, Jerry & Gary) know me pretty well.  I have my own desk space there so I set up my laptop to work. Jerry is also my printer and helping me get 100 of my photos printed for the art show I am having at Linda's Bluebonnet Herb Farms. (In Hempstead!  more later)
So I am working away and some other guy is at another computer playing solitaire and Jerry and his Mom are playing something on the computer with a worm and scrabble letters with flames. And my car is next door getting fixed. All is good. Then it starts to rain. We all had to talk about that, and look at it and go outside and touch it! It has been very dry here and everyone is praying for rain and finally here it is!! And this rain stayed around and kept raining-a nice soaking. So after a couple of hours there was a slight break in the rain, so I headed out to go get the car.
To my surprise they had not been able to get to my car as it had been raining for 2 hours. They were working on a car in a driveway and stopped when it started to rain, so that car was blocking the entrance to the bay where the lining machine is. They could not get my car in the bay, so come back tomorrow at 8:30 if it is not raining. (Oh brother) What can you say?? So I had to drive the new tire home (about 15 minutes) without the new lineup. About halfway home, the rain stopped and it had not rained in my gardens. It appears all the rain I prayed for came only over my car for 2 hours.

Are there other people out there who are suddenly single again at sixty something years? Do these things happen to other people? I can't be the only one!
So here is the deal for tomorrow:
Car to the transmission shop by 8:30 for alignment, if it is not raining.
Go across the street to Auto Parts Shop and by a lug. Not a stud, but a lug to replace the broken one (which by the way, got stuck in the guys impact wrench and wouldn't come out).
Go to the computer store while the car is getting fixed. They are going to do a virus scan to see if I am infected. (the computer).
Be at the blind guys house by 10:30. He has hired me to drive him to Cypress to Sam's & Super Wallyworld. He said he will treat me to the Japanese Sushi Bar. I am going to have a shaggy dog, no forks. (To see the adventure of my forking the last time I went to the Japanese Restaurant, look in the blog archive under I forked myself).
I am so totally wondering what tomorrow will bring!
Just so you know, I am at the Top of Life. I thought it was suppose to be easier up here after you grew up. It is not easier, it is more difficult. What I want you to take away today is please go look and see if you need a tire key and where it is if you do. Ihope I do not have a flat tire on the road as I have no way to take the tire off!  (Funny, I was getting the new tire to feel safer on the road. Now, with what I learned today, I am more scared than ever to get on the road! But I have to drive to Houston to find a stupid tire key.)
Wish me luck!

The Rain Clouds At Sunset      by:  brendasue


.......this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek


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