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by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Something Blue and Something Orange by: brendasue

Something Blue is blooming at Bluebonnet Herb Farms today.
No, it is not bluebonnets. (wrong time of year, however it is time to plant your bluebonnet seeds for spring bloom in this part of Texas).
So, come on in Everyone and we will see what is Blue and what is New!

Blue Plumbago at Bluebonnet Herb Farms 9-21-2010          by:  brendasue

This is a popular good old fashioned plant around S. Texas.  It is a shrub, though not a real woody shrub. It is blooming now when other flower plants have pooped out in the heat. The blue panicles of flowers offer a refreshing cool blue feel in these last extreme day heat.

White Plumbago at Bluebonnet Herb Farms    by:  brendasue

As you can see here, these plumbagos also come with white flowers now and make a nice contrast when planted in groupings with the blue.

Let the Class Begin!

(Thank you, grasshopper, for opening our Class today).

Our Photostudy today is on this Orange Butterfly making a guest appearance here today! This is called a Passion Butterfly.  You can see here she is drinking nectar from this yellow lantana. When she lays her eggs, they will be laid on a passion flower vine, exclusively as that is the food of the young caterpillar when he hatches from the egg.  Enjoy!

These migrating butterflies are found from Argentina to the San Francisco Bay Area in California. (where the passion flower vines grow).

This concludes the photostudy for today. Thanks for stopping by and come again. If you are in Texas, come on over to Bluebonnet Herb Farms in Hempstead, Texas to see the plumbago and the Orange butterfly!

Linda and I have listened to what people want and so now it is official:  I will be at Bluebonnet Herb Farms on Saturdays (not Sundays). The cafe is open on Saturdays as well as the gift shop.
We will have some photography adventures on Saturday afternoons.
I have a few seminars lined up already. So, Starting this coming Saturday, I will be at Bluebonnet Herb Farms chasing butterflies and helping people with their fall/winter herb gardens. Come by and say Hi.  You should plan lunch as it is really good in Mary Helen's Garden Cafe.
One more thing,  bring your camera!!!!!!  Come shoot with me on the patio. (Free tips!)

Goodnight to my THREE Grandchildren (!) and their Moms and Dads and
To all of You, my photo friends, sweet dreams!

...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek



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