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by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Friday, September 24, 2010

OMG!!! Part Two-Spectacular Sunset brings in Fall by: brendasue


You Are Not Going To Believe It,
Part 2 Continues Tonight

Welcome to All my Gardening & Photo Friends:

Yesterday I presented the first half of a most spectacular sunset on Wednesday, the day fall arrived in Texas.  Tonight I will continue the same sunset photostudy. Not only was the sunset itself great, but every kind of cloud was in the sky. A raincloud came over my head across the street and flew into the sun. A beautiful rainbow appeared.  And the clouds parted to reveal a full moon.  Then the rainbow turned into a double rainbow under a glowing thunderhead!
Yes, all in one sunset. This is unprecedented in my life to see these weather events all at the same time! (No, I did not start drinking again and Yes, I have photodocumentation, and No, I did not photoshop in a rainbow.)  Then, I thought I might die that night because I did witness all of this and it certainly was a highpoint of my life to stand out in the middle of this country road (my sunset strip), with the King, the cows, and the horse to see this sky unfold its grandeur!  I guess this show was just for me to witness and capture for all of you.   Enjoy!

Let The Class Begin!

(Thanks, Little King)

Looking West at the setting sun

Above me clouds collide!

This raincloud is just above my head, traveling from across the road, overhead, and onward to the sun.

The sun on the ground in the hay!

The sun, fenced in behind barbed wire!

The Sun kisses the Earth Goodnight!

Now you might think you have to lay down on the road to get a shot like this.  You do.  I did.

Just because!

Look at the size of this storm cloud over me!  I feel so small.

This is looking north.  You can see past my car at the end of the road it is now raining. Look how big this cloud.  (This is one of those tower clouds that fell over).  It is not raining on me or this road.

The white tower clouds extend high above these black clouds. We cannot see them as we are under the black one.  Here we catch a glimpse of what is above.

The sun is sinking behind a dark cloud on the horizon.

There goes the sun and another day is Gone forever. (Hope you made the most of it while it was here)

Looking back to the East over the horse pasture, you can see almost all of the rain clouds are gone.
The rainbow has appeared again in the darker sky, but it is still in the same place as before. At the center, bottom of the frame you can just make out a white dot. That is the full moon appearing as the gray clouds parted.

The Rainbow glows, I guess from the setting sun.

The clouds part to reveal the blue sky above.

The Rainbow becomes a double Rainbow. Yes, there are 2.

The clouds above the Rainbows glow from the sunset in the west. (Rainbows are east).

All of this is on one side of the sky while the fantastic sunset is across the street!

There is the last of the rain cloud coming across the sky.

Here is that storm cloud above me, but raining on the horizon after the sun has set.

The full moon on the rise

Goodnight Moon and Goodnight All

....this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.

What is happening in Your Sky?


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