Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Thursday, February 18, 2010

WORLD NATURE CLASS-2-17-2010-Discover Life On Rainbow Creek by: brendasue

Photography Lovers Welcome to Rainbow Creek

Let the Class Begin!
Yes, we had another complaint from Casper that his rights as a living being on this Earth had been violated as he has not been asked to open the class. (I had to let him give the signal today).

This is one of our year round residents- a little dove I named Turtle.
Our photostudy will be of Turtle at the feeding station with his new babies!

Like Big Dad, the male cardinal, Turtle enjoys the little spring guests.

And they seem to enjoy being with him.

Thank you, Turtle, Good Show!

So Fly Away and I will see you tomorrow

Goodnight King & Goodnight Kate; Goodnight Everyone, Everywhere
.............brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek. I'll bee seeing you!


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