Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010 Discover Life On Rainbow Creek by: brendasue

Come on in to our Class on Photography Ideas and Nature Studies. I have opened up the Bird Sanctuary here at Kates Cabin On Rainbow Creek as our personal observation deck on the Nature living here with me.
Spring is approaching our area and my trusty camera will be the tool that records our finds.
So Come and Explore this World with Me-brendasue

Though we had a freeze just 2 days ago, this Flowering Quince Bush did not loose a bud. These in the pics opened this morning! This bush always blooms in Jan/Feb in this area so it is prepared for the cold temperatures to still be lingering. The flowers are bright and cheery and open on bare branches before the leaves appear. The rest of the year, this is not considered a striking bush. My Mom had one when I was a child and I have this one now outside my bedroom window. To me it says Spring is Coming! See in the photo above how the autofocus chose to focus on the larger trees behind it and blur the bud. An interesting effect.

While we wait for the rest of the Class to arrive, have a look at these Flowering Quince Blooms and I will give you an update on What's going on with Kay Lonnie. As far as I can determine, it appears somebody at Google has attempted to get Kay Lonnie Wray banned off this Google Bloggerspot. Apparantly he is citing some old ruling regarding dogs on the site Not Allowed.
It seems some person (who obviously had some issues) decided that all dogs were smelly and farted too much and they were going to have nothing like that on their Google Web. So there was a vote and it passed that dogs were in fact, too stinky. I did point out what did it matter as one could not smell any odors, foul or otherwise by viewing photos and words on a worldwide web bloggersite. They conceded I had a point, and have allowed another appearance by the dogs. I agreed to not record any sound over my camera recorders (so there would be no obnoxious noises either). So as you can see there is always an opportunity to find common meeting ground when negotiating a situation. However, I still feel there is more to the picture here than meets the eye!

It is still cold here today and everyone seems to have the winter blues. The sky is a frigid steel gray/blue. You might think only Humans would get 'the blues'. Fact is dogs get the blues also and Kay Lonnie is taking this whole thing pretty hard. She has been in her room crying most of the morning. She thought she had finally found her calling in life: to give the signal to begin our class. (She had been through a great depression after the attack of the 5 wild dogs that nearly killed her). That is one reason I wanted to have the class on the roof to include her. She thought it was a very important job to signal the beginning of our class. (I told her it was). Anyway, the old girl started to rally just to have this job to do that is important to the World.
And now this setback with the rejection over the 'no dogs allowed rule' again. It is just not right.

Don't Worry Everyone. I will get to the bottom of all of this. Maybe the management at Google will not talk to me, but I have put a call in to the President of the United States. I have been informed He is going to look into this personally today. Now you may not think an old bird-brained birdlady would have friends in high places, but I do. It has been revealed to me that Mr. President also has alot of friends that are Buzzards. So there you go, it's a good start.
(I left a confidential message with the Secretary of State that I personally felt this was a discrimination issue as Kay Lonnie was not only a dog, but......a red dog. A Red Bone Hound. As we all know, the majority of dogs are either black, brown, blonde (or combination thereof). Red dogs are definately a minority and labeled as bad by humans based solely on the color of their hair. I informed the Secretary that Kay Lonnie felt her rights as a living being on this planet had been violated by Humans and that she has requested I retain Rebecca as her Attorney-At-Law in this matter. You see, I knew something was going on behind the scene.

I had a talk with Kay Lonnie. I told her that maybe since she was an American Red Dog, it was having a negative effect on her career. (Everyone is down on Americans in the World Poll).
I suggested she could try being French. No, everybody hates the French Poodles (no offense to French Poodles). What about a German Bone Hound? No, nobody likes the German Shepard's either (no offense)-they are all Police. What about Scottish? Now that has potential. There are quite a few red heads over there! I will send an email to Craig Fergesun on CBS. He loves crazy emails! How do you say let the class begin in Scottish?

Okay. This is what the Flowering Quince Bush Looks like from my window.
I think everybody is here now so let us go up to the rooftop to begin our class.

(Don't anybody mention any of this to Kay Lonnie as she is feeling pretty low)
I want you to notice my big moveable steps I made. I can lift them up to get rid of the leaf debris at this time of year now that all the leaves are down. (Just watch your step).

For anyone who noticed I finally blew all the leaves off the roof, good eye for detail. If anyone noticed I missed something, come on up, have I got a deal for you!

That light is my office window. This upper deck is a sun porch and directly underneath here is a shade porch off the office. I wonder where Kay Lonnie is?
Excuse me just a moment class, it is the President calling me back.
Thank you, very much Sir, you come over to our Roof anytime you want!

Good News, Class. The President said the CIA found out that someone at Google Blogger had determined that Kay Lonnie "Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog, Crying All The Time"
Well "He Ain't No Friend Of Mine"

There she is. Good News Kay Lonnie! You have been reinstated in your old job as the Official Class Beginning Signal Giver.

Please Don't jump off the balcony. It is going to be okay. It has been determined that it is Okay to be a Red Bone Hound Dog. Come on now and give the signal.

The Little King was hoping we would not have the boring old class tonite about stupid birds.

No, your fans cannot see that your eyes are puffy from crying. Now give us a good signal.

Let the class begin!

Good Girl and what a pretty smile for your fans!

Hey Guys, What do you see?

Yes, it is the Buzzards coming home for the night. They are gliding in on chilly air through a gray misting sky. That Old Man Winter does not want to release his grip on us quite yet.
We are headed into the warm office for todays photostudy.

For your pleasure I am bringing up a hot summer day for the photostudy. It was 100 degrees on this day. Come sit on the porch and have a glass of sweet tea with lemon. As you view these photos, think about what memories mean to you. Think about how your camera is a digital recorder of moments in time. In time, the memory usually becomes greater than the moment in which the memory was recorded. What moments in your life do you want to record?

I remember this hot afternoon and how deightful these birds are.

Goodnite Lucy & Lucky

Goodnite King and Goodnite Kate

Goodnight Everyone, Everywhere!

.............brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek


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