Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010 Discover Life On Rainbow Creek by: brendasue


Do you like our new Spring Look? After a couple of really cold days, I am ready to feel like Spring. Enjoy the pretty pansy faces. I love Feb. 1. In Texas, it means November, December & January (our coldest months) are behind us. Signs of Spring are popping out all over the yard.

Unfortunately, we have had some complaints on the dogs. (Can you believe it?) Something about too many dogs all over a bird site. So here is the deal: If you do not like my page, just click off! That's right-just click off of my page! The rest of us are trying to have a nice little nature class to learn more about the earth we walk around on. We are focusing on this site, on ideas that unite people. There are plenty of things that Divide People. Hello People! Focusing on Differences Is Not Working. We must try a different way to come together.
And really.....There are so many Big Problems in the World that no one really should be concerned if some old Grandma in Texas has Dogs on her site or not! It is My Page!
So let us work together to try to overcome some of these smaller issues and work on the Big Picture of Sharing the Earth!
Today Buzzbee will signal the beginning of class!

Let the Class Begin! Come on everybody-Let's Go Pollinate! (Silly buzzbee, humans do not pollinate flowers, only bees, birds and other flying insects!)

A few days ago our photostudy was on the Eleagnus Shrub and someone wrote in and asked what the bush looks like. Above is my 'Ellie'. As you can see, she gets pretty big. This one lives in the Street Bed across from the Buzzards' Sun Trees. Dense Shrubs like this planted across the front of your place will cut down on noise of traffic on the road and help stop the dust blowing in the wind. Also, a great nesting tree for birds.

Here are some photos of spring. The one above is the BushHoneysuckle (which was our photostudy with the black bumblebee.) The frost did not kill these blooms. Also, the flowering quince is still blooming. The Elm Tree buds were nipped.

I am not going to identify the next few flower buds right now. This will give you a chance to identify them first!

There you go! Spring has begun in Texas!

Our Photostudy today will be on sunning in the suntrees with the buzzards (Turkey Vultures).
He is looking at us!

Hi King Buzz! This is what we do on sunny spring afternoons! We sit across the road from each other and just watch stuff. I watch them and take photos. They watch me and the little King (dog). We all watch if a car turns down our road! They turn their heads and watch the car go by.
We watch the little birds at the feed station. We just look around and sit together for awhile.
Unlike most birds, these actually come to trees where I am instead of a million other trees.

I do not understand it. I just know it is true. These guys are my friends!
Well how do you think I feel? This is a small community. People drive around here just to see the buzzards sitting in the buzzardlady's trees!

I did not always like buzzards. I noticed them flying around, but never paid that much attention to them. Five years ago they started coming to the cabin on rainbow creek for the winter.

They come every year to the same tall pine trees. I had about a hundred come in last nite. These are big birds. They look like a formation of jets coming over the yard. Especially with bare trees, you can see them very well!

I made friends with this guy (King Buzz) 3 years ago. He follows me to my lake lot on the other side of the lake!

See how he is alone here-just me and him (and the dog). It is very odd.

I have grown to just adore them! They go out hunting for one meal in the morning. The rest of the day they appear to just play with each other in the air. Or sit around in the sun. They always go to the pine trees by sunset.

I hope by sharing these photos with you, that you also will begin to see the beauty of these fine birds.

They have really good eyes. He studies me, just curious I guess. I do not imagine he has too many human friends!

I know! I have gone to the Buzzards! (a joke).

Just look how great he looks in these closing photos!

I am proud to say he is my friend! Here he is just messing around with that stick!
This concludes our photostudy for today. I am glad to hear you say you are beginning to like buzzards a little more! That is a start. All change in Human Perspective begins with a tiny idea that just maybe we could look at things from an enlightened point of view. Change comes to all of us, ready or not! Happy Spring!

Goodnite to the Gray Ghost (blue Heron).

Goodnite King and Goodnite Kate. Goodnite above to our Bonnie Lake.

AND Goodnight Everyone, Everywhere! (Goodnite Kay Lonnie, let us go inside as this day comes to a close)

.........this is brendasue signing off from rainbow creek.

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