Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Saturday, February 13, 2010

WORLD NATURE CLASS--2-13-2010-Discover Life On Rainbow Creek by: brendasue



As I am currently in love with birds, I doubt I will get any chocolate! If any of you get chocolate and have gone on a diet, please forward it to me at: Brendasue Watson of Kates Cabin,

P O Box 743, Hempstead, Texas 77445. You can send birdseed or donations also, we need everything. I am looking for new or slightly used birdhouses if you have some you are not going to use.

Note: Do not try to send me chocolates through your computer!

Let the Class Begin! Thank You Black Beauty! (She was feeling discriminated against as a being of this earth (whatever), so as an Equal Opportunity Bird Sanctuary Owner, I had to admit she had a point, so I let her open the Class).

Our photostudy today is going to be your Pop Quiz! There are quite a few photos of the flowers and birds and creatures taken here this past year. This time I am offering a prize to the first person who correctly identifies the photos in this post to katescabin@gmail.com
The Prize is One Free Night at KatesCamp Cabin here in Texas anytime between April 1 and Nov 1 2010 (That isn't already booked). The winner will be notified by email and will be honored on this blog site as Winning Classmate! So get you old pads & pencil out, and if I haven't stumped you already, write them down. Good Luck!

*Note if any children enter, your parents will win the free night and can bring you. No kids can come stay here by them self. Sorry, but you could win for your Mom!

As you look at each photo, I want you to know, I did not always take pictures. I was taking computer lessons from my wizard, Gary Gunter, when his wife Brenda came in with some of her photos of flowers. When I saw them, I could not believe how beautiful they were. I wanted to know how she did that?

She explained it was her digital Camera that makes the pictures look so good. At the time I was only buying disposable cameras, waiting for film to be developed, then always being unhappy with the result.

My new Granddaughter, Kate, was about to be Baptized so that completed the process in my mind to go get a digital camera.

I did luck out at the store and get someone who knew what they were talking about. He recommended the consumer reports pick for that year was a cannon powershot A-630. This was a very good camera for me to learn. I have a cannon powershot sx10IS now and I love it for what I do. There are better cameras if your goal is in that direction of professional photographer.

I began to practice taking pictures. Then I decided I wanted to know what I was taking photos of. So I joined the Houston Chronicle's Online Garden Club at Houston Grows.com There we all share our garden pictures and help each other identify what we do not know. It is a very nice site and also where I won the contest, twice.

Next, the Rev. Cynthia Forde commissioned me to take some photos of her ranch and make them into a spring video (wmm) for her to send to family & friends. She then set up these google sites for me in December as I told her I wanted to share the nature of Rainbow Creek with Everyone in the World.

Then I had the pleasure to meet Doug Box, Professional Photography Instructor and his wife, LaVelda, when they joined our photoclub at Marthas Bloomers in Navasota, Texas

I took one of his great seminars and it changed my life. Finally I am beginning to understand what a camera is all about and how to work it.

So the most important step in my short Photojournalism career was to meet Dog Box and learn from him as he just has a way of explaining things that makes you feel comfortable.

What has unfolded before me, due to getting a camera, is a new life.

and I have seen new life.

I have shared my world with you!

And Kate will always have this google website to learn the things in her garden.

So I suggest you pick up your camera are go buy a new one and start shooting your world!

It will change your life, too.

If you want a good instructor, contact Doug Box: dougbox@aolcom. He will be having some seminars her at Kates Cabin this spring. Write the gmail address here for info.

For those doing the pop quiz contest, you do not have to identify the above bee or flower.

What is this?

Here are some birds to identify.

Here is Tomahawk announcing thay his babies have hatched!

Coming attraction,Little Rambo of Rainbow Creek.

Goodnight King and goodnight Kate; Goodnight Everybody in the World.

...brendasue watson signing off from Rainbow Creek. Good Luck!

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  1. Your daily blog and nature study are so refreshing to me now that I am stuck in snow. Keep up the great work. Hope I can make it to the March club meeting.