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by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WORLD NATURE CLASS 02-10-2010 Discover Life On Rainbow Creek by: brendasue

Come on in Everybody to Our World Class of Nature Studies and Photography Ideas
(There are some things going on around here I will talk to you about after we get into our Photostudy. Let me just say up front, You are not going to believe what I found out.)
We will not be meeting on the roof today as it is 32 degrees and sleeting. Kay Lonnie has demanded the night off as she needs more beauty sleep. (Like she was going to go out on the roof in this weather! Not a chance).

So Buzzbee is here to introduce a shining Summer Star to begin our class today! By the way, Buzzbee says to put out plates of sugar water when it is warm enough outside for bees to fly. Here on Rainbow Creek there are not enough flowers out to feed all the bees yet. As you can see, he likes the old watering plate! And I am to remind you that our site motto is: Bee all that you can Bee! Thanks, Buzzbee.

Let the Class Begin!

Our Photostudy today will be on this bright sunny flower. We are on the computer in the warm office seeing these spring flowers that were blooming in Kates Garden a year ago on this day. This is called a Poppy. Kate calls me Grandma Poppy as this is one of my faves! Enjoy.

This is what the flower looks like growing in the garden. As plants go, most would agree it is not a beautiful plant. But, the flower is the very sunshine itself.

The flower stalk rises out of the ground with the bloom encased in a fuzzy-looking pod.

The pod is so heavy, it hangs down until the flower stalk is strong enough to support the weight of the bloom. Steadily it is reaching up to the sun.

The pod cracks open like an eggshell to reveal the bright orange color of the forthcoming bloom.

And then.....just like Snap, Crackle, Pop, the pod pops open and the Poppy Pops Out!
Doesn't it make you feel warm and fuzzy on such a winter's day?

Here Comes Buzzbee! Looks like it is his fave, too!

Note to Photographers: Buzzbee wants to relate to you Not to use Superglue on the Flowers to try to get the insects to hold still for the camera.. (It kills the bees.) (Spraying a lite mist of sugar water on the flower works very well for photo opps!)

(That is why they are hanging off the edge of the flower sucking up the sugar water as there is no nectar in that location on the flower). Well, it works for me!

It seems to work for buzzbee also! (Did you hear him say, thanks Grandma Poppy?)

He is too cute!

By taking many shots from different angles allows an idea of the behavior. (It cost no money unless you are using film.) Digital Documentation is the way of the future. Film cameras will be in the museums with 8 track tapes!

Thanks for the poppy tour, Buzzbee! I like a bees' point of view!

For the remainder of the Photostudy we will view the flower without our little star Buzzbee. He has gone off to the apple tree blossoms. (Which is good as the bees and the birds spread the word about what is going on with everybody faster than a wildfire). Faster than even the internet. That is how I am able to hear alot of things about just what is really going on in this world. It is not what you think.

Okay, here is the buzz: (Oh brother, now I am talking like a bee).
Okay, here is the dirt: (Now I sound like an earthworm).
Anyway, a little birdie told me....................oh nevermind, let's start over!

Today I went to the Great Google Index in the Sky. I searched for: World Nature Class.
Now do you think our Class appeared on the Great Index? NOT. Like what do they think I am, some kind of JOKE?

Like HELLO Google Gang! Can you see me now? Does it look like we are here inside a Flower?

Do these look like flowers in NATURE to You? Have I stated for a couple of months that This Site is a World Class? Have I invited Everyone in the World to this Class.
Well what part of World Nature Class do you not understand? Could you please put our site in the idex so that other people in the World who are interested in coming to our Nature Class can find us?

I feel my rights as a Google Citizen have been violated as I am not listed. I can't exactly put up Neon Lights on the Strip now can I?

You see I know this all goes back to a few days ago. I had to call the President of the United States and ask him on Kay Lonnie's behalf to find out why Google was making the decision to ban all stinky dogs from the blogger sites, especially Kay Lonnie (our redbone hound, aka superstar).
The President found out that some guy at Google named Elvis Something had decided that Kay Lonnie was Nothing but a Hounddog Crying All the Time and she is Red.

Well, the President, that day, flew Air Force One over the rooftop and made the emergency proclamation that it was Okay to be Red, and Okay to be a Hound Dog as long as you aren't a Junkyard dog.
He then informed me that Elvis had left the Google building and Kay Lonnie had been reinstated in her old job of giver of the Signal to begin our Class.

Ever since I asked the President to get to the bottom of this scandal at Google, it seems they began to treat me differently. I may be an old Grandmother but I have a pretty good clue what a Nature Class is about. I live in a Garden, for goodness sake.

Now I am going to tell you what I am Talking about that is going on with this Google Management. They are under the impression that they are Powerful. Have you ever noticed everywhere you go on the web you see three little words "powered by Google"? This has made them think that they are 'Oz'---all powerful.

Now this old Granny has figured it out: What is Google Unplugged? NOTHING!!!!!(Powerless!)

Well I have Feather Power. Gossip going around Google is I am not a real Nature Class as I have more photos than Latin Words. And, I am not a real Photographer, I am a Grandma with a Camera. And, all of my Photos are outside in a garden instead of a clean, sterile, classroom studio setting where dead things are pulled out of formaldehyde and plated for the correct camera. Everyone knows most of the classification photos in text books are of dead bugs, flowers and birds anyway; all you have to do is look.

So I ask you, My Class, what is wrong with some old lady wanting to change the nature photos the children (and big children) are given to learn classification of the living things on our planet to Photos as things live in Nature: Free and flowing. Colorful and joyful. What is wrong with that Concept? Please write to Google Management and tell them this is a Real World Nature Class, Live from Rainbow Creek here in Texas and please list us in the Great Index!

I wish you all Bright, Sunny, Warm Days and Flowers. Linda K. B. D. this one is for you!
Happy Birthday to my Dear Friend.

From Rainbow Creek and Bonnie Lake, I say Goodnight King and Goodnight Kate!
Goodnight Everyone, Everywhere!

..................brendasue of Rainbow Creek signing off. Live and let Live.

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