Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6. 2010 Discover Life On Rainbow Creek by: brendasue

ANOTHER WINNER!!!!! The above Dragonfly from Rainbow Creek was entered in a contest in Canada. He flew with honor to a New Photography Book: Photo Vibes where he is the Featured Photo in the Nature Section! Way to Go!

Now that the win has gone to his head he feels his rights as a living being on the planet are being violated by Humans (Whatever). So today he will be giving the beginning signal for our Class with Stick Tricks.

Let The Class Begin!

Today our photo study will be on this rabbit (Mr. Whiskers) and this cardinal (Big Dad). The light was too bright and not the best for a photoshoot. As we have seen in Nature, sometimes our models do not choose the right stage at the right time of day. And we see that things happen very quickly so it could be gone by the time you are ready to snap! To me, what I could see happening in front of me was so remarkable, I just had time to point & shoot. So I apologize if the photo quality is lacking. The content is fabulous. Here is photodocumentation that this rabbit and bird are friends and sharing a meal together!

This is Big Dad with 2 of his new babies he brought out to meet Mr. Whiskers.

These 2 are hanging out together, not just passing in the street.

The rabbit appears to be watching over the babies!

Here the rabbit nuzzles the bird! He reached out and touched him. That is the baby in the back.

On Guard, Everybody!

Chow Time! These 2 are having a meal together!

Mr. Whiskers appears disturbed that the cardinals flew off. He has his ears on high alert.

Can You Hear Me Now? Can You Hear Me Now? Can You Hear Me Now?

That is all folks on the rabbit and the bird-but WE got that moment in time!

We will complete the photostudy with shots I got down by Rainbow Creek.

The above bird is a Cara Cara, or Mexican Eagle some say. He flies and hunts with the buzzards. Unlike buzzards, these will kill their prey.

Here is Elisabeth and Janet. Goodnite Ladies!

Here is Bushy, having a snack.

Here's Woody also having a sweet snack.

And capping off the day are some unique water birds in colors of the rainbow.

I will let you guess!

As sunset comes to Bonnie Lake, I say Goodnite King and Goodnite Kate!

Goodnight to Everyone, Everywhere.

.........................brendasue signing of from Rainbow Creek


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