Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo Friday Night Special by: brendasue

Warning:  You may find some of the images disturbing in today's photostudy.  Enter at Your Own Risk

       Yellow Iris on Rainbow Creek                      by:  brendasue

Welcome Everyone to peaceful Rainbow Creek. I am not presenting any disturbing images, only my usual Nature Photos of Rainbow Creek.   If you are disturbed by anything, it will be coming from within your own imagination and not from my images!

In the present time (month of July 2010),in Houston, Texas, a rare event occurred that made the world headlines:  Corpse Flower Blooms. Indeed this is a rare event.  I do not have a Corpse Flower, however I have one almost as rare and in the same family--The Dragon Lily (or Black Arum), sometimes called Voodoo lily.  My flower is not as fat as the 'Corpse', but I believe it was taller. 

Anyway, they had a video camera on the one in Houston documenting the opening and bloom. As I am always entertained by human nature, I had to laugh when I heard that two people were going to get married standing next to the blooming Corpse Flower (which has a stinky period for about 24hours). To me, this just seems absurd!

In honor of this world event of a blooming Corpse Flower in Texas (and to the new married couple), I have elected to share my Dragon Lily in today's photostudy. Enjoy! 

       Purple Iris Bud on Rainbow Creek                                    by:  brendasue

This Iris is growing on the banks of Rainbow Creek. A beautiful Bud. We will be heading up to the roof shortly, where Kay Lonnie is waiting to give the signal to open the class.  We will sneak up on her and see if she is sleeping on the job again.

Somebody gave me a weird looking bulb and I planted it down by the creek not knowing what it was. I forgot about it as no growth came from it until the following year. A big single stalk just shot up out of the ground and one day when I ventured out to the creek, this is what I saw:

                           The Black Arum                       by:  brendasue

     Hickory Horned Devil                                            by:  brendasue

Everybody, this is turning out to be a very strange Friday Night. Very Special.  This is a Green Alien that has dropped in to give the signal to open Our Class today. (Kay Lonnie will be upset). Oh  well.

Let the Class Begin!

Thank you little green alien named Hickory Horned Devil. Who would believe you transform into a beautiful big silk Moth? (Yes, I know, you were the original transformers).

I guess we better go to the Roof and find Kay Lonnie.

There she is. Hey Kay guess what? The Hickory Horned Devil already opened the class.  Kay Lonnie?   What is the Matter?  You look like you saw a ghost!  Cat got your tongue?  What's wrong?

Kay Lonnie?  Are You smoking up here on the roof? What is that smell?

What do you mean you started smoking Cigars with Holly Denslow?
Some nice man taught you the 'art' of smoking cigars?

No one is going to believe this!

I am sure you do feel a little dizzy. Be careful not to fall off the roof.
I am going to have to consult with a dog therapist to see what to do about Kay Lonnie sneaking up to the roof to smoke cigars. 
This could be a stepping stone to smoking Pot or Banana peel.

No more distractions. Let's get to the Photostudy of the Dragon Lily or Voodoo Lily:

There you go. This concludes our photostudy of my rare black Arum.  Now I know things can be strange. Dogs can be strange. And for sure people can be the strangest!  I simply cannot imagine what man would ask a woman to Marry him and say her vows to him while she is looking at a part of a flower, symbolic of a type of 'hugeness', such as the Corpse Flower in Houston. Texas.

(I know......and they think I am the bird brain; Go Figure).

To see photos of a Corpse Flower visit the link below.


Other News to Report on my Toad Post.  A friend  of Kates Cabin in Bastrop commented that I had misidentified the above toads. I said (incorrectly) they were Houston Toads. They are  really named Gulf Coast Toads. Thank you for letting us know, and please anyone add comments at anytime as I will be the first to say:  The more I know, the more I discover there is that I will never know.

Anyway, it is now perfectly clear to me why the toad did not turn into a Prince. (Of course I kissed him just in case it was true.)  He was not the kind of toad that turns into a Prince. It must be only the other kind that turn into the Prince. All I know is I sure have kissed alot of toads. No Prince yet. Starting to think that may not be true.

Great News to Report.  Scout, the first hummingbird is here!  The rest will begin arriving in a few days. I am cooking the sugar water!
This is a Great Time of Year as the summer will melt into fall.

Off I go into the wild blue yonder. Trying to catch a ride with this guy!  I will be back on Monday. Guests coming to Kates Cabin This Weekend.

Here is King Buzz (my buzzard that is in love with me). He wanted to close the class.

Let there be a Great Sunset

And there was a great sunset.       Goodnight All.     Look Up!

This Blog, the photos, Me, You  and everything was made possible
all because Once Upon A Time Someone said:  Let There Be Yellow Light and Purple Haze.

Actually, I can't remember the exact words, but you get the idea.

.....this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek


Come out of your sadness every now and then and just laugh.  b


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