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by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Howling at the Full Moonby: brendasueThis is Kay Lonnie Wray (aka) Miss America!

HEY HEY HEY------The Bee is Back!!

Welcome.  I have just returned from London where I have been for the past few weeks!  I missed everybody and I am so glad to be home. My Contest ended last night midnight London Time.
This was very challenging! I created 145 pages in 3 weeks. My photographs that you have come to know as the Rainbow Creek Bunch are in London now. I will find out on Monday if I placed.
(Remind me not to enter anymore contests as they are very difficult for this old lady!)
Somebody You might remember wants me to let you know...........

Presenting Her Royal Self:  Kay Lonnie Wray was a Smashing Success in London! (Oh brother, she really believes she is a Star Now!)

Oh my, it is midnight, I am turning into a pumkin. I am going to Cousin Harry's tomorrow down in Houston. He is going to help me get more space on my Picasa Web Albums, so I can start uploading new photostudies for you.

If you are considering getting on Google Blog This Spot and Picasa Web Albums, which I love this format, BUT- if you put photos on your Blogger like I do, they automatically go into a Picasa Web Album, also. If you remove the photos, they will disappear from your Blogger Pages as well. If you are writing a nature book for your grandchildren in this format, (like I am), you do not want your photos to Disappear. Long story made longer----You can not remove the photos to make more room to upload the photos. They say you get 10,000 photo space, I did not. I have a couple of thousand only and they say I am out of space. So THE ONLY OPTION IS TO BUY MORE SPACE.  For five dollars you can buy 10,000 spaces for photos (maybe). However, they do not take cash, check or Pay Pal.  THE ONLY OPTION IS CREDIT CARD PURCHASE. I do not (and will not ever have credit cards). So, tomorrow I am driving down to cousin Harry's to give him 5 dollars and he is going to purchase the 10,000 spaces for me.
From my point of view, I do not like being cornered like this, and this is alot of work for me to get more space when space is free. I feel it is the people (like me) who make up the Google Blogger Spot. Writers do not have to pay for more space, only photographers. I guess I have been living in the woods too long and this is just business as usual.  But back in the day where I came from, someone who was developing content to draw readers into the Google Earth would get alot more consideration than that is now given to the advertisers that jump on the page.
*Note: the above is an opinion from my point of view only. No way does anyone at Google think this way.

So, Hopefully tomorrow I can solve the more space problem once and for all and start uploading all the new photos I have to share.
Goodnight Everyone, Everywhere,
Goodnite Kate and Caroline,
I will let you know more about my adventure next week

..........signing off from Rainbow Creek, your friend, brendasue

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