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by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cameras Ready? Golden Aliens Found In Trees In Tomball, Texas

Welcome to our Nature Class with Photography Tips. Come On in and sit for a couple of minutes.

Love Lies Bleeding?

Let The Class Begin!  Thank you, Rebecca for opening the Class today.

Rebecca and I actually made this road trip to Tomball in November. We went to the Arbor Gate Nursery to buy Trees (how surprising!)
I am going back to Tomball tomorrow to see if they have the tree shown in the photostudy today.

What I want you to notice is: if you do not have a yard where you can observe Nature, you can go to   Nurseries or Parks for Photo Shoots.

Look at this cool tree we found in bloom in November!  I knew the name of it then when I asked on that day in November, however I have no idea what it is today. (This happens when you get old).
So I got these photos out from some long lost file I finally found to take on my search for this tree.

In the tree, we found Golden Aliens eating rapidly.
Our Photostudy will be on these Golden Aliens and the Mystery Tree.
(if anybody knows what they are, go ahead and comment)

Now if you see these caterpillars in your tree, do not run for the can of poison gas to Kill them Dead.
They are not going to eat the whole tree or kill it.
They are going to turn into a Moth or Butterfly one day.
(I keep hoping to turn into a butterfly myself, but no luck so far!)

Somehow we all need to come to terms with killing each other and other species on Earth.

I would guess that most of the people in the world see creepy, crawly, snakey. buggy things as something that needs to be Killed.
I think most people are afraid of what is Unknown.

I believe that Learning about some of our Garden Creatures makes them seem 'not so scarey.

Look at how cute they are! How would you feel about having bright yellow skin with black stripes?
And the little pointy things also?

Look how he blends into the tree.  They are a tasty snack for  birds  flying by, so they must hide.

Do you think he would be a tasty snack for You to pop in your Mouth?

They really enjoy eating leaves, buds and blooms.
Would you like to eat the Flowers?

Everything is different and everything has different tastes.

But I do not want to eat a caterpillar!
I do not want to Eat a flower!
I do not want to eat a bee!

But I do want to know How?

How do they change from a yellow tube with pointy things to an elegant insect with wings?

You know Nature happens without permission from Humans.

Naturet's Life Cycle Continues with or without witness from Humans

The End

This concludes Our Photostudy for Today.

Goodnight Kate (who is now four years).
Goodnight Everyone, Everywhere

Go To Sleep With A Smile On Your Lips!

This is a Thistle Growing in the Ditch (Wildflowers in Texas blooming now)

I know this looks prickly and hurtful but I wanted to demonstrate that it is really Funny.  Funny? Yes, Funny

Last exercise of the day and I will Dismiss the Class:

Close your eyes and say:  Silly Thistle outloud 5 times.

Silly Thistle, Silly Thistle, Silly Thistle, Silly Thistle, Silly Thistle.

I am betting you have a smile on your lips now! Best to go to sleep happy.

....this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek.  Goodnight Silly Thistle!


p.s.  I am heading out to Kleb Woods outside of Tomball tomorrow morning at 8:30 to meet up with some other birders seeking sightings of the birds migrating through Texas right now.
With a little luck, I will have something to post tomorrow.
What?  Do you think I am going to ever run out of photostudies?

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