Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Space Cowgirl Rides Again With Camera by brendasue

Movement Through Space and Time for Sharon

Welcome Class, Come on in. There is some stuff going on you are not going to believe, so take 5 and we will get started.

Sharon, President of Marthas Bloomers Photo Club, (I have friends in high places), Anyway.....she sent me a mail asking if I had any photos showing movement for the club meeting on Saturday. In thinking about this I realized that everything is in constant motion (even if something appears to not be in motion, it is on the surface of the Earth, which is constanly turning; remember As The World Turns?). The camera is only a digital recorder. While you can capture something in motion, one frame cannot show movement.
The best we can do in one frame is give an illusion of movement.
It is up to the Human Brain to assume the next frame which would then show movement. Therefore, our photostudy today will be on frames showing illusions of movement.  See if your Human Brain will take the logical next step and feel movement. A frog can anticipate the next move of a fly, so they can make logical conclusions about movement also.  But they can't read which  is why I included only the logic of a Human Brain.....for you!

Above we can see that the hummingbird is in flight. Our brain has to conclude his wings are going to fly and move him in some direction to feel the movement the photo implies.

Here is a rose that appears to be floating in the air.  However, our brains know roses do not float in the air. We cannot logically conclude the next frame will show the rose floated off in any direction because we know logically that rosebushes are planted in the ground and the roses attached with stems and branches, seemingly a fixed object (on a moving planet). The only thing we can logically conclude in this photo is No, roses do not float-this is a lie. (Or that brendasue's photoArt created an illusion in our minds that maybe they float in the air!) Alright, the camera recorded the stem and I took it out!

Here comes Rocket, the flying horse. This photo is a strong feeling of motion as our minds know how a fourlegged animal moves and can logically conclude his right leg is about to move forward. We know this is not how they look when they are standing still. And if you were standing where I am day after day, you would see the pond and know it is Rocket's habit to go get a drink of water at this time of day.
Many things happen in our brains to detect motion (or lack of it).

Yes, his right foot has moved forward as we thought and we see the water. In a series of photos, you can see the actual movement took place.

Here we see that Rocket has moved his head from the last photo. If this photo were standing alone, however, we would not conclude his head is moving. I think the movement this photo indicates is more obvious in his tail.

Though we see the ripples in the water, we pretty much can conclude here that his feet are no longer moving his body forwaerd.  We see his mouth is moving because we know he is drinking water.

Sharon, did you forget about my UFO????
This photo shows by recording where movement has been by the trail behind the object.
Our minds conclude this is moving very fast across the sky because it is a U F O.

This photo (to me) implies good movement of clouds and a streak on the UFO shows were it has been. The direction it is pointing lets us assume it is heading upward away from the clouds and to outer space!
(*Note here on UFO, This one has still not been identified. Pass it around, please.)

We see a bird in flight, but the color of the clouds suggest movement in the sky as we know the sun sets everyday and these clouds will move away.

Another flying bird and rainclouds moving in.

The feel of movement is stronger seeing more birds.

I think we all get the idea these birds are flying in the sky.

Now this single 'bird' feels as though it is moving because we see the exhaust trail

We see the direction it is pointing.

In a series of photos, we can see there has been directional movement.

Here the Sun is setting so we assume the movement is going down

In a second photo, we can say yes the sun is in setting motion and the position has changed from last frame.

I think we would all assume in this shot that yes the rose is floating!

We can assume by the position of Kay Lonnie's head, that there is sound connected with this type of movement!  Baaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooooh (Sharon's favorite)
And on that note, we say Goodnight to All

and Goodnight New Moon.

Take a few more minutes and look at this site below and click on how to attract hummingbirds to your yard

How To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Yard (Made By You)

.....this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek  (Glad to be back with everybody, I missed you)


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