Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Monday, June 7, 2010

"She's A Space Cowgirl" (Bet You're Not Ready For That!) by: brendasue

Saturday Night Special
Hey Everybody:  Look at The Bird I Shot This Past Saturday Night!

Now I Know there are some of you Whippersnappers out there that might just think 'ole' Granny is a dingbat, and you would be correct; However, THIS 'ole' Granny can still shoot the head plum off of a poisonous cottonmouth snake in the Lake and snag his sinking body with a treble hook at the end of a pole to retrieve it to feed my Hawks.
That may be shocking to you Nature Lovers that I would want to harm any living creature of Earth.  I am forced to admit that I love and respect all life except the poisonous Snakes.  This kind of snake would kill me (or my children, pets and birds)  just because we are here on the Earth.
My Hawks and Buzards could kill me (they easily rip up meat) but they do not want to harm me.
My bees could sting me to death, but they do not want to harm me and I allow hundreds to crawl on me while I fill up their sugar water plates.
But a Snake?  Trust me, these water cottonmouths only want to kill me because I am in the same spot they are at the same time. These are very aggressive snakes and will chase after and crawl into boats to get you should you come across a swirling  breeding mass of these
very deadly snakes in the water.  In fact, inch for inch (or foot for foot), I would give the winning edge to the Cottonmouth over the Diamondback Rattler as it is one mean snake. The largest one I have killed around here was over 8 feet, but there are some places where they get over 20 feet like the Texas Rattlers.
I am not mad at The Military for their choice.  As this is a World Class, I can not give out any secrets (like anyone would tell me a secret!). Anyway, it is quite common knowledge to everyone about the new 'Earth Friendly' Weapons being tested now in Texas.
I apologize in advance to the people we are in conflict with, but I am in favor of the Weapon Grade Rattlesnakes being gathered now to drop from planes onto the mountains where they hide in caves in hot parts of the Earth. They have Rattlesnake Roundups in the hill country of Texas as those snakes love the hot desert conditions. Even if they maybe got the idea from the movie, Snakes on a Plane, it is a good idea and extremely cost effective. At the end of the day, the enemy is eliminated and there is no harm to the earth. The bonus is the caves will likely remain secure for as long as the snakes thrive, no one would want to go in those caves anymore.  I think I saw it somewhere that dropping them out in styrofoam containers that break open on impact does not kill the snakes.
In my opinion, they could consider collecting the cottonmouth snakes also as we have just too many around here.
Well, I sure did not mean to ramble on, rather just wanted to point out that if I can still shoot the heads off of these snakes, I can shoot any bird in the sky with my camera and I do.

Welcome Class. Let's get back to the Nature of Living Things and away from the Human Nature of Killing Snakes. We are going down to Rainbow Creek today as I have a surprise for you.
It seems there is someone here who feels their rights have been violated because they have not been asked to open our Class.

Here off the pier of Rainbow Creek is one of my fish friends.  He wasa little baby catfish I gave fish chow from the pier. Most of them grow up and swim off to the big lake.  This one just never left. (Or if he does swim to the lake, he comes back for chow or just to hang out).
His name is Channel Cat #5. ( I call him: C. C. Floater)
He likes to float around when he sees me down here at the Creek.

Let The Class Begin!

Hi Everybody. I am C C of Rainbow Creek.
(Yes he is under water and does not get out of the water.)

Our short Photostudy today is of this bird.
I have always called them country road scissortails, (in my back-woods identification), as I have only seen them on country roads, never at backyard feeders or in the cities.

The correct name for this bird is:  Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher.
They are summer residents in this part of S. Texas and spend winter from Mexico to Panama.

I love to watch these birds either perched on a wire or in graceful flight.
Mark and Jeff are much better 'On the Road Photographers'.
I nearly got run over by a truck as I was too busy enjoying the sight of these birds!

I originally thought this bird sitting with the scissor one was a Western Kingbird.

(After reading the Identification book), I learned this is a young scissor-tailed Flycatcher, which resembles a W. Kingbird. (the breast is whiter and toward the tail).
They get the long scissortail as they get older.

I did arrive at my best friends house and shared a wonderfully prepared meal with her family.
After dinner, we walked the treeline of their place looking at her birds and Sunset.
I was able to catch her Eastern (orange throat)  Bluebird with a bug for baby.

The sun was setting behind the tall trees.

I realized how nice it really is to be with friends just walking, talking and watching the sun set.

I wish this Peace and Joy for all Humans on Earth.
Time to just be content and  feel the company of friends and family.
Time to slow down and feel what is Important in Life.

We got a glimpse of the Sun and someone's chimney in the break in the tree line.

My BFF and I share the same birthday month, so I told her I saw a horoscope that said we are in for a great week.  Something about the new position of the planets and our moon is in another house
And, the sun is shining. (which is good because if the sun is ever not there in the sky shining, it really will not matter what we had planned for the rest of that day. All life on Earth would come to an End.
If anything at all were to survive, it would be the written word and photographs of how we lived on Earth.

I hope we all have many sunny days with our Sun, which is really a Star.
I hope there are more of Us that want to save and cherish the Earth and Life
than there are Those who want to the destroy Earth and all Life.
Do you see the two little white dots to the lower right of the sun in the above photo?
I can tell you the Sun does not drop off little dots of light.
I can tell you that is not dirt on the camera lens.
I can tell you a camera (that I use) is only capable of recording what it sees in a moment of time, but it does record all information in that frame whether we can see it all or not.
I can tell you those 2 dots are very far away and they are not stars.
What I cannot tell you is what it is. (It would take a better camera than what I am using.)
In my opinion, my camera has recorded something reflecting Light from the Sun. (And of course this is not the only photo I have showing recorded bits of light.)
In your opinion, I may be a space cadet or blonde.

I am entitled to my opinion and likewise, you are entitled to Yours.
The one good thing about being human is we all have plenty of opinions.
I do not believe birds or any other life on earth has an opinion. (maybe cats).
Anyway, something to think about.
Maybe we can come together as people and figure out what is in the sky and in the oceans.

And this, my friends, is my Lucky Star!

Star of Wonder, Star of Bright,
First Star I see Tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the Wish I Wish Tonight.....

...........this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek


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