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by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Photographer's Dream: Bluebonnet Herb Farms Busting with Blooms! by: brendasue

Hi Everybody!  While I was asleep last night, November Arrived!
I guess it has reached everybody on Earth by now, so happy November!  The year is almost over. Winter is coming for sure now and all the photo opportunities will change. Different things come with the different seasons. That is just how it is.

So I was pleased to see the blooms and bugs at Bluebonnet Herb Farms that appear in our photostudy today.  We have not had to turn the heaters on yet down here, which is a good thing about south Texas. So enjoy the photostudy today as these things will not likely be here next month!

I try to stay on the edge of garden and photo blogging. I was the first to bring you a realtime reality blog wedding!  We still have the dance to go this weekend!  Now today, I am going to be the first to introduce directions you can recognize from the air when you do a flyover in Google Earth!!!!

When traveling to the Herb Farm, put in your search for Hempstead, Texas. When you get over the town, look for the following landmark:

This is the water tower for Hempstead. You can see it from the air (or street level). Turn left when you can read the letters on the tower. (Hwy 159)

Small towns are different than big cities.  If someone local asked for directions I would say:  go over the railroad tracks and turn left at the bank. (There is only one set of tracks and one bank!).  You could not say that in Houston, for instance.  A local would likely say back to me: oh yeah, are you talking about that place on the Bellville Highway, next to the Lumber yard?

Bluebonnet Herb Farms is on Highway 159 which is the highway that connects Hempstead with Bellville.  And Hometown Hardware is next door. It is a full hardware store, not just a lumber yard, but you can not tell the old timers around here all that! The street address listed for Bluebonnet is: 
2105 13th Street, Hempstead, Texas. The mail is delivered to 13th Street not the Bellville highway!
Just wanted you to know there are several names for the same street.  Back to the air directions: 

You can see how tall the tower is! Hempstead has electricity and water. So turn left when you see tower and continue a few blocks until you see all the flowers! You might be able to follow the butterflies in.  Enjoy the photos from Bluebonnet to start November!

From street level you will see this Gazebo in the front. This is how it looks today.

The ceramic art will greet you. In addition to everything else she does, Linda is an artist who makes some incredible ceramics.
She is planning to offer classes in the spring on making ceramics. She has the kilns and molds at the shop.

Of course there is art for the gardens everywhere inside and out.

Look who flew in for a snack!!

Butterfly in flight over the lavender verbena

These are wonderful to watch fly around the garden!!

The roses really love the cooler weather.  She has more colors and types in stock than anywhere else around here!

Look who I found sitting on this big milk thistle leaf.  This guy has some serious legs! He was doing a funny little dance, so I went in for a closer look.

WOW- what big eyes you have, dude! I would not want wings if I had to look like that!

Well, getting closer reveals there is another one on the back of the leaf!  She must think this guy is good looking!  I see why he is dancing!

I caught his legs in the air! He lifts them up and when they go down, they shake the leaf.  Romance has many faces!

Here is a honey bee checking out the new pansies!

A little butterfly to close out our photostudy. He is very small, but look how big those eyes are! It is amazing to me that All Living Things are different. Nothing is the same. It is a Big World.

I want to thank everyone who came to Bluebonnet Herb Farms this past Saturday!  It appears that hanging out on the Patio is becoming the in thing to do!  When you put alot of creative people in the garden good things just happen!  I invite everyone to come hang out with the Artists on Saturdays. We will be introducing seminars and classes in the spring and invite other Artists who would like to participate to join us.  We are planning a Big Art and Craft show.
So stop by and share some ideas, have lunch, shop for plants or just bring a bottle of wine and watch!  You have the directions now (from the air!)  Turn left at the water tower!

.....this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek



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