Featuring Digital PhotoArt of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue

The Birds of Rainbow Creek

The Birds of Rainbow Creek
by: brendasue of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Waller County, Texas

Monday, April 25, 2011


ATT unplugs Texas Grandmother for TWO weeks!  The usual "big company" Service Problem:  The Right Hand does not know what the Left Hand is doing.

Hi Everybody!!!!

My Apologies for not responding to your emails or comments, but I have been off the Internet for 2 weeks. (Not by MY choice!)  Thank you for your concern--I am okay...well, as okay as you can be at 60 years old and falling apart! I hope I am finally plugged in again!

Good News-I have been very busy with the camera and have many surprises for you to see. I have taken 8,000 new photos of some incredible things!  First of all Here are some Moons I made for my friend's b-day on April 18.  Enjoy and we will catch up later.

I missed you all, my friends, and pray you are all okay!



....this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek!


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